Best of 2014 round up!


I always have a great time looking back over a year of blogging-it’s nice having proof that I did something.  ha!

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Here are some of my favorites posts and things I made/did this year!

CINO etc 2014

leather bag-I use this CONSTANTLY and my sister asked me the other day where I got it. After I socked her for not reading my blog, I told her I made it.

leather shoes! I am so sad Ava has grown out of this pattern, I had a blast making Natty Janes for her.

pattern weights-use these all the time. Irreplaceable.

felt bows (with free pattern)– a late surprise hit on the blog!


designed some Spoonflower fabric


Had SO much fun with Katy’s A to Z challenge….I tackled Z!

CINO 2014

STYLO 2-I adore a theme or planned shoot!

fawn lily dress cut into my precious Cotton + Steel fabric!

liberty and striped dress

STAR WARS shirt and TAP paper how to

thrifted handsewn dress-Sadie won’t wear this to church, I think I scared her off since it’s my PRECIOUS.


I made over our playroom this summer! It doesn’t quite look like this right now though….

5and10designs dresses and outerwear

Lots of 5 and 10 Designs sewing going on this year!

A few dresses from VOL 1 and VOL 2  (outerwear edition) was released!

Christmas dresses

floral dress

birdie dress

striped cardi

swing coat


Also some 5and10 raincoats!! these are getting a TON of use this year. We Californians are so grateful for all the rain!


Only 1 pattern out this year-the Lulu top and dress!

I love the Lulu!

I am hoping to have more coming out this year!


This dollhouse was a labor of love and insanity.


I got creative with my Nessies this year!

mixed fabric Nessie.

There’s a free pattern for this cross stitch fox!

Swingy Nessie hack

Gold feather applique Nessie


I threw 5 parties this year and they were all so fun!

Sweet woodland party for Ava’s second birthday!

Jungle bash for Charlotte’s fourth birthday!

Surprise baby shower for my sweet SIL

Frozen party for Sadie’s sixth birthday!

and a book themed baby shower for my sister’s first!


I didn’t quilt much this year but I did make this gingham inspired quilt for my nephew.


I made my first swimsuit this year! and then didn’t really stop til summer was over. haha! I got a little addicted to making them!


I got to take part in Film Petit this year, using The Princess Bride as our muse, and it was a BLAST.


Like many MANY moms, I made Frozen inspired costumes for the kiddos Halloween!


Kristin and I sewed up a storm for Vintage May this year!

We even got to do a photo shoot together when Sadie and I visited her in May!


Ok I’ll stop now. That was fun though!

THanks SO MUCH for sticking around with me, I so enjoy making and showing you what I make.

You guys give way better responses than Rory does. 😉



  1. I don’t think I can handle the cuteness! You have such a great sewing style… I love seeing what you make. And wowsers, did you ever get a lot done this year!

  2. Thank you so much for all your beautiful creations. They provide so much inspiration!

  3. You created so many amazing projects this year! Your blog has given me so many great ideas that I want to sew for my daughter!

  4. Ha! We’re all here for each other to say exactly what he should have said.
    You’re awesome ! (insert “darling” if you wish)
    Best wishes for an equally productive and stylish 2015!

    (hmmm, comment eating bug strikes again, third time lucky?)

  5. Wow jess, you are truly amazing and talented! Every one of those pieces are beautiful. Of course it doesn’t hurt that your girls are gorgeous!

  6. AMazing!! What a year!! Looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings!!

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