sweet woodland birthday party

sweet woodland party

First off, a sweet Happy 2nd Birthday to my little Ava!

I’ve always wanted to do a woodland party theme, and I figured I’d better do it while Ava still has little to no say in her party! (She likes saying puh-ple so I could have done a puh-ple party I guess. but that’s just this week)…so…anyways, woodland party it is! I also like how it kinda continues the theme from last year a little bit-or rather, puts a different spin on the forest friends theme. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have lots of info and links for you, some affiliate links (thanks for clicking!), and I can’t wait to share it with you!

invite ava

I designed the invite in Illustrator-the flowers were free files, but now I can’t find where I got them. If you know, please leave a comment!

sweet woodland birthday party

I raided our house for rustic decor-that little Aa sign is for acorn, I didn’t get a shot of the acorn pic. (A for AVA too of course!)

woodland party favors

The favors were two parts-I packaged up some nutter butters into glassine bags (affiliate links in this post) and labeled them “squirrel food”. lol. I get so cheesy with parties but I love it.

woodland party favors

The other part were these ADORABLE little mushroom tops!

woodland party favors

sweet woodland party

We bought a bounce house earlier in the year and it’s been SO great for parties-I don’t like planning party games since my kids aren’t into them AT ALL and so it pretty much keeps all the kids entertained the whole time!

But this time I wanted to do a little craft ๐Ÿ™‚ I used my Silhouette to cut out owl, fox, bear, and raccoon mask kits for the kids to put together!

sweet woodland birthday party

They were a hit! I got the idea here and created my own templates for the Silhouette to cut out.

Also cut out some bows for the girls in attendance to add to their animals!

(also check out Sadie’s MISSING TEETH!! hehe)

animals masks

The kids loved wearing and making them!

sweet woodland birthday party

image source

sweet woodland birthday party

pond punch to drink…

sweet woodland birthday party

sweet woodland birthday party

and some river water!


sweet woodland birthday party

ย The tablescape was largely inspired by this one!

I just loved the simplicity of the garlands and large balloons! Bonus: it took me half the time to decorate than it normally does. yess!

The arrowhead pieces for the garlands were also cut out on my Silhouette and then sewn together!

I hung some tissue paper tassels I had already made on the balloons…fun!

sweet woodland birthday party

made a quick little banner in Illustrator-added some mushroom bits and threaded it together with baker’s twine!

That cute fabric I got at a fun country store on a women’s retreat a little while back, but of course I forgot to check the selvage before I tossed it. Oops!

sweet woodland birthday party

I made less food items than I usually do and it felt GREAT.

little place holder tags

sweet woodland birthday party

I made these mushroom cake pops because I adore cake pops and mushrooms are just so darn cute.

I do need to brush up on my dipping skillz, but they came out pretty cute! and yummy-I made them with nutella frosting!

Used these sprinkles for the spots!

sweet woodland birthday party

made a cheese ball and then covered it with almonds for a pinecone cheese ball!

I crack myself up.

Then obvs I gave up on presentation and tossed crackers on the platter.

sweet woodland birthday party

These “forest berries” were a HUGE hit with kids and adults a like!

sweet woodland birthday party

Oh the cookies! There were so many options for this party, I made a plethora of cookies!

Hedgehogs, wood grain “2” cookies, simple flowers, foxes, mushrooms, and acorns.

I made the hedgehogs so easily by using chocolate jimmies for the prickly part!

sweet woodland birthday party

I ADORE how they turned out, and had a lot of fun making them. These were gone SO fast.

sweet woodland birthday party

Made some spiral “snail sandwiches” har har har…

tortilla rolls up with garden veggie cream cheese, provolone, chicken, and spinach. yum!

sweet woodland birthday party

I’ve seen these candies on previous party candy searches, and so once I decided on this theme, I knew I had to buy some Squirrel Nut Zippers!

Such a quirky weird name, and perfect for this theme!

sweet woodland birthday party

sweet woodland birthday party

the cake! I was inspired by this one and set out toย  make gum paste flowers for the first time.

the big flower was my first attempt, and not very good, the smaller one is a little better but I obviously need to learn how to do it properly! ha! I did have fun shaping the mushrooms! the leaves I cut out by hand and the blue flowers were cut using a cookie cutter and then drying it in a measuring cup to keep the petals curved.

sweet woodland birthday party

sweet woodland birthday party

sweet woodland birthday party

I found these cute little frames thrifting and filled them with little woodland sayings!

these gingham squares I made for my sister’s bridal shower and they’ve been super useful!

red gingham goes with a lot of themes!

sweet woodland birthday party

grabbed some flowers from Costco and made some haphazard flower arrangements for the tables-the wood slices I nabbed after my sister’s wedding.

little fox free cross stitch pattern and tutorial

ย Here’s a little sneak peek at Ava’s foxy Nessie top I made her! More details next week, plus a FREE Pattern for the fox!



  1. Everything is so exquisite! Lucky girl.

  2. Wow this looks awesome, I want this for my birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. You are like a sugar cookie ninja. They are seriously works of art and I am obsessed with the hedge hogs. You totally rocked the socks off this party.

  4. So cute! I LOVE the fabric you used on the table.

  5. OK..I gotta run but I am commenting NOW!! I only needed to see the first set of pics in your intro–are you kidding me??? LOVE the table cloth fabric, and the bunting–too cute! Oh my–those cookies are perfection!! SERIOUSLY?? When are you going to do a book on kids parties? OH MY GOODNESS! This has to be your best yet! Enough praise? ๐Ÿ™‚ Just stunning Jess.

  6. This is SO cute! What a ton of work you did to make this party special! Wow!

  7. I’ve been waiting to see all these adorable details! What a beautiful party. I love all your touches–and that fox crossstitch! Gah!

  8. So cute! Love your ideas! I especially liked the masks the kids made! Have to remember those!

  9. You are without any doubt the Queen of Parties. I absolutely love every little thing about it. Wonderful! And happy birthday to Ava!

  10. I just wanna say that I LOVE how excited you get about parties and how much effort you put into them! I do the same thing (not quite as well, but I do aspire!) for my daughter and people are always like “why do you do all this stuff for a kid’s party?” and I’m like “because it’s fun, duh!” I’m so glad you get it.

  11. I love it!! Where did you get the cute red polka dot & birch bark pencils??

  12. This is so cute! I love everything about this party, especially the cake pops, cookies, and invitations. That cake is darling! I think you did an amazing job with the gum-paste!

  13. You are amazing! Such a cute party! I can’t belive you made your own file on the silhouette for the masks, there is no end to your talent!

  14. This is adorable! Any chance you will be selling the printable’s for the food cards and happy birthday banner?

  15. Love this!

  16. Omg!!! It’s so yummy and tasty… I really like this and the ideas that you create for the birthday party.
    Thank You!!

  17. this is really cute. aww


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