gold feathered Nessie top-made with my new silhouette cameo!

gold feathered Nessie top-made with a silhouette cameo!

I have a new baby guys! Ok, a totally electronic baby, but it’s so awesome and makes goo goo ga ga sounds.

just kiddin.

The lovely folks over at Silhouette send me a Cameo to play with, and having had the SD for years, I knew I’d be a fan.

aaaand…I am. I’ll admit I was a little intimidated and it didn’t come out of the box for a little while, but once I forced myself to open it, it wasn’t so scary!

The software is the same as I was used to, and it has a much larger area to cut, which was super nice.

Plus! It can cut fabric!


gold feathered Nessie top-made with a silhouette cameo!

I shoved this thick gold stuff onto the fabric mat and it cut it out, like a boss!

I did double cut it (there’s a setting for that), just to be sure.

Then I sewed around the edges of the feathers with some purty gold thread, onto a new Nessie for Sadie!

She still  loves feathers, so this was another fun addition to her first grade wardrobe!

gold feathered Nessie top-made with a silhouette cameo!

I also whipped up a pair (actually 4 pair) of go to leggings.(affiliate link)….I adore this pattern, can’t say that enough.

They even have a tag on my blog, I’ve made so many of them!

floral fabric from girl charlee

gold feathered Nessie top-made with a silhouette cameo!

This girl is all about the glitter and shine lately so she loves it!

I can’t wait to make more stuff with my Cameo!

gold feathered Nessie top-made with a silhouette cameo!

but she’s not so girly that she won’t play in a rock pile…


  1. Oh this is so pretty! You’re so lucky! I just love this entire outfit!

  2. Adorable!

  3. My daughter would love that gold fabric! What is it and where did you get it? So glad you got a CAMEO! I can’t wait to see all the parties and cute clothes that are going to come from it!

    • I have no idea what kind it is, but I got it at Joanns I think in the costume fabric section! it’s thick and so fun!

  4. How did you sew around them? Is it a special setting on your machine? Did you tack them down first?

  5. Jennyfer trujillo says

    I bought mine almost a year ago and im still intimidated by it……

  6. Cute! I’m loving that gold 🙂

    Having that bigger cutting space must be nice. I bought the portrait because I didn’t think I’d need all the room, but There is so much MORE you can do with the cameo!

  7. ohhh you’re in the cameo club now! nice. love this shirt – sadie has the best back to school wardrobe ever.

  8. So cool! It looks terrific and so on trend. Hip mommies!!

  9. I’ve been meaning to to test out something other than paper or vinyl on my Cameo for a while now…. but you totally beat me to it. Looks awesome!

  10. Both pieces are so very, very cute!

  11. I so need one of those!! Love the whole outfit!

  12. very cute! love it. 🙂

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