“Z” is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

First off, I am SO psyched to be a part of Katy’s Sew All 26 series! I love all her ideas for series, and I adore having a theme to work with. (read: Project Run and Play)

I immediately signed up for the letter Z when she first emailed me.

For two reasons-it was at the end, and I have been a bit of a procrastinator always lately.

Secondly-I had some amazing zebra fabric that was screaming to be sewn with. (I mean, it wasn’t making zebra noises at me or anything….and I totally didn’t make the sounds in my head….promise….)

Also, zippers start with a Z! Perfect. Add in some zig zags and we’ve got a Z trifecta. Let’s dive in, shall we?

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

The zipper sleeves! I really love how these turned out! Just like they did in my mind, which doesn’t always happen, so that was a plus. (tutorial on these coming soon!)

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

Sadie really liked playing with these! and wow I need to trim that lining.

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

I think they look cute zipped halfway up.

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

or all the way down!

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

The zebra pockets! jeesh these slay me, they are the coolest thing I’ve ever made.

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag


See I’m not very cool. My style is “cute” maybe, but not hip. These zebras are hip.

I’m a bit concerned how I’ll ever sew again…nothing will ever be as cool as these pockets.

I should retire now.

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

wondering where those zig zags were? Well…I got tricky! They’re in the pocket lining! Also, I had to piece the fabric together with some striped fabric (from my local shop The Nimble Thimble! shout out!) because all my chevron fabric was gone. I guess I got sick of the trend and gave it all away/sold it. OOPS

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

Let’s talk about the dress pattern! (it’s really more of a tunic length on Sadie)

(oh and fabric…knit is from Girl Charlee, the zebras are Echino <– similar fabric)


I used Anneliese’s Bateau top pattern, with the A-line dress add on. I ADORE this pattern. (I’ve made it before)

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

It’s a perfect fit-next time I sew I’ll move up a size…I did a 3T with 4T length which fits still, just not as a dress. My little string bean is having another growth spurt….up.

"Z" is for zipper, zebra, and zig zag

ย  I especially love the little kick pleats she added in the side-perfect for active kiddos!

So…zid you enzoy my Z dress? Thanks for having me Katy!


  1. I love it! A little different style for you but still “you” with the aqua and pink. And those pockets are awesome!!

  2. That is sooo cute! I love the zippers and the zebras!.

  3. Love the dress!!! I want to make one now!

  4. Those pockets! Absolutely adorable and so, so hip ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Love love love it!!!!

  6. Jennifer Hill says

    Adorable!!! And I love reading your posts they make me giggle ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m pretty sure some day you’ll be able to sew up something just as cool ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Love those zippers. Very cute outfit!

  8. You rocked this! It’s amazing! I especially love the zipper sleeves. I was playing with a zipper this weekend too…I’m loving zippers suddenly. And I have to say I think you are pretty hip but I know what you mean…I think my stuff always turns out “pretty” and sometimes I wish I veered more cutting edge. It’s kind of like “no matter where you go, there you are!” You’re a fabulous you!

  9. LOVE those Zip sleeves! Awesome job with a difficult letter!!

  10. Lisabeth says

    Wow ! What an awesome dress !!! And don’t sell yourself short – you are super cool !

  11. Those zebra pockets are amazing!

  12. I love your use of color and pattern. That’s what makes this dress so cool and unique. I do hope that you let us know how you inserted the zippers into the sleeves. Any little tips would be helpful so that we could a such a modern twist to a basic pattern.


  13. Marie Danneels says

    Realy nice !

  14. Oh my stars! This is amazing!!! I am a new seamstress and I am itching to have some lessons to learn how to create clothing. This is the most perfect dress! Great pattern, great fabrics, and fun zippers! And everything looks better with a zebra on it;) Just wow!! Susan

  15. The dress is adorable and looks wonderful on your cutie-pie. The zipper sleeves are so creative and are sure to entertain her whenever she wears the dress. The pockets are wonderful!!!

  16. The dress is adorable and looks wonderful on your cutie-pie. The zipper sleeves are so creative and are sure to entertain her whenever she wears the dress. The pockets are wonderful!!! The pink accents are perfect, too.

  17. Oh my heck that is adorable!! I love it! I am a huge sucker for zebras. Im visiting from http://www.mommawhatchadoin.com/

  18. Sydney Lund says

    Love this dress, one of my favorites you have made! I just might have to make something similar for my 9 month old, just have to find a smaller animal…

  19. Those zebras are hip! I like how they are featured! The zipper sleeves are a fun idea…I think I’d like a top with fun zipper sleeves too! Thanx for the inspiration.

  20. what a fun Z dress!! love it! the sleeves are amazing! I have a popular and growing sewing for kids Pinterest board Id love for you to be a part of! I’m following you.. if you follow me at ntcreations and e-mail me to let me know I can add you as a pinner ;o) Emily

  21. Ok, that’s a great dress. Best pockets ever. And while I get the whole hip/cool/cute thing (right there with you), I think a lot of the stuff you sew, especially in the last year or so, is really hip. So I think you’re cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I love that you made the shape of the pockets follow the shape of the zebra… Very clever. I’m thinking I should make a zipper sleeve dress for my Sadie. I bet the zippers would keep her occupied for at least half of worship during church. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. This is one of my favorite outfits that you’ve made. I love the pattern and color combo. So adorable!! And fun!

  24. aw i love this, jess! you are most definitely “cool” when you want to be, ya know? you have a flexible style! it is fun with kid stuff to be a little more adventurous and take those risks (like zip sleeves and zebras and triangles) that we don’t do for ourselves. thumbs up!

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