Emma Lion books and mini book nook

Book Review corner! I have so many books to share but I must implore you to read these books, make haste! They are NOT to be missed. They will make you laugh, cry……laugh UNTIL you cry, and every emotion in between. They are called The Unselected Journals of Emma Lion and there are 7 volumes out right now! Impeccable writing, insanely like … [Read more...]

New things in my Etsy shop!

As you all may know, every so often I get the miniature crafting bug again, and with a recent rewatch of the Harry Potter movies, I was feeling the Hogwarts vibes! So I made these mini trunks-all four houses are represented of course, and I filled them with all sorts of mini magical items! They were a blast to make and I poured my heart and soul … [Read more...]

modern dollhouse makeover: kitchen and living room

I found these old pictures of our old dollhouse that I redid at our old house....and figured they should be shared, if nothing for the mini SMEG fridge that I made out of a piece of wood, some vinyl, and some parts of a pen! … [Read more...]

dollhouse bathroom

I finally got this post written, and I can't believe it took so long, because I seriously love this bathroom and how it turned out. Aaaaand want it recreated in my own home someday, mkay yes? Let's jump into the nitty gritty of where, how, what, and why oh why would you spend that much time making a dollhouse sink. (yes I spent too much time but … [Read more...]

dollhouse master bedroom

Now on to the master bedroom renovation!  This room is probably my favorite in the whole new dollhouse. It just seemed to come together the easiest and was so much fun to decorate and think up things to make! And now I am remembering that the wallpaper was not so easy to pick out. SOOOO maybe it wasn't the easiest, but it turned out to be a … [Read more...]

dollhouse sewing room

Hey fellow crafty peoples! Today I have finally written a post about my dollhouse sewing space! The new one, that is. The old version looked like this, in case you're curious. (you know you are...) I LOVE THE NEW ROOM. Let's just get that out of the way. I started off by installing shiplap over the old stencil, since I needed something to cover … [Read more...]

miniature version of a real life room

I've been bitten by the miniatures bug! It's official. I have pretty much finished up the dollhouse reno-just need to write the posts! Still, I was chomping at the bit for a new project. Sooo...I decided to miniature-ize real life rooms that I find online! First up is this beautiful entry way designed by Anne Sage for West Elm See their pic … [Read more...]

modern dollhouse: kids rooms

Starting off the newest dollhouse remodel-is the upper level of the house! the two "kids rooms" as we like to call them. They were a girls room, and a nursery before, but now that we have Jack in the family, I redid the nursery as a little boy's room! and went all out with a Star Wars theme! (because why not?) I had actually decorated it … [Read more...]


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been redecorating the dollhouse!   An refresh has been needed for awhile, the girls have been really good with it in general but have broken or lost some things, and it just needed an update. I knew I'd want to update it every so often because I love making miniatures so much, so I decided it was time! … [Read more...]

DIY dollhouse: the girls bedroom and nursery

  The whole dollhouse view! Makes me so so happy. Today we will dive into the top floor-the kids rooms! (again, some affiliate links in this post, thanks!) another two of my favorites. (OK they are ALL my favorites) Room #6: the girls room!  I kept the painting/walls simple here and painted the back sloped wall aqua, and the side walls … [Read more...]