plethora of cosi suits

Look at those model poses! these girls crack me up! These photos and suits are actually from last summer (BAD blogger!),  but I'm on a bit of a blogging kick (we'll see how long that lasts), and so I thought I'd blog them anyways, since they are still wearing them this season and loving them! I decided to go for some tankinis this time, with of … [Read more...]

aqua and white swimsuit

Another Cosi! Although this one's a bit of a pattern hack-I chopped the top portion of the front and back pattern pieces and color blocked the teal with white. I added a little bow and some simple straps to the back! I do wish I had made the color blocked white portion thicker, but you know how it goes when you're just winging it...sometimes it … [Read more...]

striped cosi suit

I made this suit before our trip to Bear Lake, but took pics after and you can see how Charlotte got some sun while we were there! All the girls have got that adorable tan line, and I LOVE it. Again, a cosi suit, and I can't remember where I got the fabric! Girl Charlee, maybe? That's my best guess. Sadie played stylist for this shoot and … [Read more...]

watercolor swimsuit

This one ended up being for Sadie after all was said and done...size 5 was just too long for her torso! But she was bent on taking the pics herself, so we did just that, cutie pie. Again the ever awesome Cosi swimsuit was my pattern of choice, with this fun watercolor-esque fabric! it fits my long little Sadie much better, but Charlotte is … [Read more...]

floral cosi swimsuit

I've gotten pretty quick at these Cosi suits after making a dozen or so of them! (some unblogged :) I whipped up this adorable floral number is about 30 min...the basic Cosi is adorable in it's simplicity! the fabric is from Fabric Fairy and it was perfect to work with! I sewed up a 3T for Ava and it fits just right! I can't wait for her to … [Read more...]

more swimsuits

Sadie requested another Cosi  swimsuit, and who am I to deny her that? (Ok, I made a ton more) Bonus tug at my momma heartstrings-she asked me to make her one that matches my suit!! How long will that last? I'll take it while it does, thankyaverymuch! I had plenty of my bombshell suit fabric leftover (I bought 2 yards knowing hoping I'd make … [Read more...]

grey and pink floral bombshell suit

I made a swimsuit, guys. FOR ME. I am all kinds of happy with this suit....not so happy about posting pictures of myself in a swimsuit online...ha...ha...haaaa. I have issues like anyone else...but let's talk about the sewing, cause that's more fun. you may have recognized this as the Bombshell Suit pattern by Closet Case Patterns. I enjoyed the … [Read more...]

cosi swimsuits galore

  I am so excited to share these swimsuits with you part of the awesome Cosi swimsuit tour! you may have seen these around blogland already... If you haven't, and have ever thought about sewing a swimsuit, get this pattern, and then sew one! just do it! She's got a 15% discount with code: COSITOUR15 it's actually quite simple, and … [Read more...]