Best of 2012

Looking back through my blog to pick out some favorite projects from this year was so fun, guys. If anything, compiling a smorgasbord of things you’ve made makes you feel oh so accomplished. Especially if one of them is…ya know….a person I made this year. 😉 That would be Ava, who has quickly become an amazing part of our lives, and I can hardly remember a time when she wasn’t around. (that might be due to some pregnancy related amnesia…man those last weeks suck.) She is a good little baby-loves to sleep, even at night, and is always willing to give us a smile!
Anyways…it was a fabulous year and I am looking forward to the new one! More parties to plan, clothing to sew, cookies to make, things to mess up….it’s gonna be fun, folks!
Here’s my best of 2011 if you’re interested! 
P.S. If you are a mother, check out my friend Emilie’s post about Aleida’s photo Challenge. I am going to try it this year!


  1. You had QUITE the year! It all looks so lovely.

    I can’t wait to see your photos for Aleida’s Challenge. Holla!

  2. So man amazing projects but I gotta say I think having freakishly cute models may be cheating 😉

  3. ARGH Jess, I love your creations (sewing/baking and little people!). Your blog is such a happy place and I love how you dive into your creative endeavors headfirst. You’re awesome. Happy new year!

  4. Amazing year!

    Bettina @

  5. Ha Ha, You are so right! I loved being able to add the baby to this year’s recap. No matter how many other things I didn’t manage to get done, I made a PERSON!
    You did an amazing job on your projects this year (as always), but one day your really going to have to share your Freaking Homemaking Wizard secrets! ;D
    Happy New Year!

  6. I kind of agree that using such ‘freakishly cute models’ is cheating… but great projects anyway! I’m looking forward to seeing what the Freaking Homemaking Wizard comes up with this year! =)(If someone called me that I might have to wear it on a placard around my neck)

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