the princess bride film petit

 princess bride film petit

Guys I can’t tell you how psyched I am to be a part of Film Petit this month! I’ve been begging asking the gals when my turn would be for years months.

If you’re new to Film Petit, it’s an ongoing sewing series hosted by Kristin from Skirt as Top and Jessica from A Little Gray where they pick a favorite movie and sew an outfit (or two) inspired by the movie!  They pick a new movie each month and ask a guest blogger to join along with them. This month I was the lucky person who forced her way in they asked.  I also kept mentioning The Princess Bride til they agreed to it. haha ok I really wasn’t this crazed blogger I’m making myself out to be here. But I really just am so stoked to be a part of Film Petit that I keep saying dumb stuff. On with the show!

princess bride film petit

I, like most of you (probably…hopefully) love The Princess Bride. I grew up watching it and never got tired of it. It has everything-epic romance, hilarious side-kicks, a couple of bad guys, and shrieking eels. What else does one need?

The part of PB that I wanted to sew is my favorite part of the movie. Princess-(to-be) Buttercup has been kidnapped by Vizinni, Inigo, and Fezzik…they kidnapped her to start a war with another country…She is the fiance to a prince (a low-life who set the whole kidnapping thing up), whom she agreed to marry after her one true love, Westley, had perished in a pirate attack. Anyways, her jerk fiance whom no one likes is “trying” to find her, but a man in black finds them first-he climbed up some crazy-tall cliffs, beat Inigo in a sword fight, Fezzik in a manly brawl, and Vizzini in a “mental” duel. They then have a fight at the top of a steep hill-bickering over whether or not she had been in love with Westley (the man in black is the Dread Pirate Roberts-the very same pirates who “killed” Westley….and she pushes him down the hill, saying “you can die too, for all I care!”

princess bride film petit

as he tumbles (rather roughly) down the ravine, he replies “AS….YOU…..WISH…..” which of course, was Westley’s catch phrase.

 princess bride film petit

So, recognizing him as Westley,  she joins him in his tumble…

(no children were harmed in the taking of these photos.)

princess bride film petit

and they embrace at the bottom.

princess bride film petit

and then take off down the path towards the….

princess bride film petit

….fire swamp. Eegads! and they also have a run in with a ROUS. (Rodent of Unusual Size)

Alas, I didn’t have any large rats handy so you’ll have to use your imagination.

If you haven’t seen it yet I won’t ruin the rest of the movie for you….but it’s good.

princess bride film petit

Onto the sewing! I dove into research (aka sitting back to enjoy the movie) and grabbed some screenshots-gah I love this scene so bad.

princess bride film petit

princess bride film petit

I decided Charlotte would be Westley-for one, she can totally rock the fake ‘stache and has a blond ponytail.

Two-she wouldn’t care as much as Sadie would about having to be the boy.

princess bride film petit

Geez Louise. I love C as Westley..hehe!

The leggings were made from GO TO Leggings pattern (affiliate link) out of black jersey…the top I drafted up myself and is kinda slapped together-but I paired some plain black cotton with some black fabric that had some texture to it-similar to the picture above. Some leather string-stuff became the ties at the neckline of the shirt. The holes they went through were just small buttonholes. Blousy was the name of the game when it came to the sleeves! I cut a triangle out of the rest of the black jersey from the leggings and tied it around her head.

princess bride film petit

I was struggling with what to do for boots-I borrowed some to use, but my craziness took over and I made some last minute boot covers-drafted from scratch. Man these were fun to see come together and I’m so happy with how they turned out!

princess bride film petit

a black mask and fake sword completed the look. Oh, and of course, an eyeliner mustache was a must.

princess bride film petit

Now for Buttercup! Sadie played her part to perfection-with her long hair she even looks like Buttercup a little. I used the Geranium dress as a starting point, bringing the neckline in and up, adding a V-neck,  lengthening the 4T bodice, and adding probably 8-10ish inches to the pleated skirt. I drafted some sleeves and made them EXTRA poufy just like in the movie-gathered to fit around her wrists. Found some perfect red buttons in my stash and I was in business. I found some awesome gold trim and simply sewed one end into a loop and fed the other end through it…a safety pin held it in place for pics. I found most of my fabrics on

princess bride film petit

She was definitely easier to sew than Westley-and oh so fun.

princess bride film petit

These two had so much fun with this shoot-we all headed off to the park together, Rory trailing behind us with Ava-and I directed the girls at first, then let them run wild. Even after we were done with pics, they stayed in character and called each other by their names. I’m pretty sure the others at the park could recognize their costumes and knew something was going on but probably didn’t have a clue what. Probably thought I was insane. (they are right)

princess bride film petit

Anyways, thanks SO much Kristin and Jessica for inviting me to join in. I had entirely way too much fun.


Make sure to hop on over to Kristin and Jessica’s to see their amazing looks…they had some awesome photo shoot locations! and of course, outfits. sheesh! Swashbucklers and princesses in wedding dresses. GO SEE!!


  1. I LOVE this! So cute and I love the movie. One year some friends of mine dressed up as characters from the movie for Halloween. So fun. I would dress up my daughter as Buttercup. Maybe next year.

  2. You did an amazing job! The looks you put together are exactly what they owre in the movie. You are so talented!

  3. This looks like it was a lot of fun. Great movie choice! And great job with the costumes. You got them perfectly. (My favorite line: “Life is pain, highness. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something”!!!! )

  4. that little westley is literally the cutest thing i have ever seen!!!! love both costumes sooo much!

  5. Jess, this photo shoot is incredible! The hill rolling is perfect, your girls are so hilarious and adorable! Of course, I don’t even have to mention how good the sewing is. I mean, come on. Sleeves of unusual size. Thanks for making this movie happen!

  6. I do not think that word means what you think it does.


    These. Are. AWESOME!

  7. wow! good job Jess!!!! they would make such great actresses, the costumes are perfect! and the photography is awesome! love it all…

  8. Charlotte with the mustache- ermahgerd!! I have never laughed so hard in my life. Great work, as usual. Totally looks like the movie!

  9. OH.MY.WORD. AH, I LOVE this!! Your girls are just so stinkin cute! And your photos are so much like the movie, as are the costumes. This seriously just made my day! Thanks Jess!

  10. SO FUN! This was a favorite movie at our home, so I’m loving all of your posts – so glad you FINALLY got to play along!

  11. GAH!!! jess this is AWESOME!!! when I saw your pile ‘o fabric on IG i immediately pictured this scene!! (and have been dying to see the final results!)
    your kiddos are so stinkin’ cute….C as westley???? i die.

  12. ARGH you did such a great job!!! Thank you SO much for joining us this month, Jess, I knew you’d nail it and you totally did. They’re both perfect (and the fact that you can ONLY see Charlotte’s cheeks is cracking me up). Hehe to Jess on her SOUS comment, too. I’ll bet Sadie loves it – you’ll need to bring that red dress when you come! 😀

    • It was just too much fun for me…thanks for having me, and for doing PB! Two buttercups in one place-I’ll have to bring it when we come!

  13. Ohhhhhhhhhh my GAH this is so good! *Perfect* recreation of that scene – my fave scene too! Love it, so hard.

  14. Love this post. Beautiful dresses and such a funny way of telling it. Congrats!

  15. Oh. My. Goodness. “WUV!” lol they are adorable. Nice work! Love your blog!

  16. omg, thanks for the belly laugh!!! your little girl as wesley is BRILLIANT and hilarious. Really great job!!

  17. That is seriously so cute that it brought tears to my eyes! Tears of joy, of course. 🙂

  18. Omigod – this is my favourite movie. “Wuuuuv, twu wuuuuv”

  19. This is so awesome I can hardly stand it! Nice job! Love the movie pick too. Good job convincing the girls. This one HAD to be done!

  20. I love this so much!

  21. This could be the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  22. Toooooo stinkin’ cute!!! I was actually screeching out loud so my hubby came to take a look! He got a kick out of it too, since Princess Bride is one of his fave movies! Awesome job on the costumes and LOVE Charlotte’s little mustache!! lol!!! Thank you for making my day!!

  23. My most FAVORITE MOVIE EVER! And your costumes are absolutely perfect! Love, love, love.

  24. UN-believably adorable! That is the cutest Wesley I have ever laid my eyes on! And Little Buttercup is far prettier than her film counterpart. Just my opinion! So cute!! Here’s to “Twoo Blathe”

  25. So freaking cute! The Dread Pirate Roberts is just perfection with the mustache.

  26. Love this Jess! So cute. You did great!

  27. Inconceivably funny!! Too good.

  28. Gorgeous Jess and so funny!!! I totally love the princess bride and am wondering if it is time I sat my girls down to watch it with them. I know Isabella would love it!

  29. No way! Sadie looks so very pretty and my goodness, if Charlotte isn’t the CUTEST, funniest little dread pirate Roberts. She is GORGEOUS!
    Rolling down a grassy hill is just the most fun thing to do ever, and you made it fun for us too! Brava!
    (oh and just how much begging was enough? 😉 )

  30. GAH!!! You totally rocked this!!! Love it 🙂

  31. just plain awesome! now i want to go watch that movie again. it’s been a few years. . .

  32. I was so excited to see you do “Princess Bride”. LOVE this movie! You did such a great job!

  33. This is one of my all time favorite movies AND books (William Goldman is the author and I highly recommend it. It’s similar to the movie but it also has a lot of things, like back stories for the characters, that the movie misses.) Your kids look so adorable in their outfits and it’s easy to tell that htey had a bunch of fun! One of my favorie Film Petit posts yet!

  34. Oh, my goodness! Charlotte should wear an eyeliner mustache ALL of the time. 😉 And Sadie looks like such a little lady! Your outfits are impressively similar to the screenshots you shared!

  35. Can’t even stand how much I love this one!! I looooove Princess Bride and holy cow, Charlotte makes the best Westley. Sadie looks beeeeeautiful!! The tumbling pictures are too much. You rock!!

  36. It’s taken me a couple of days to come over and look but I’ve been so anticipating this film petit. You guys didn’t disappoint! Your westley is perfect. So much fun.

  37. GAH!!! LOVE it. Totally nailed it, girl!!


  38. SO fabulous! This totally brought a smile to my face. Your outfits are spot on and your little girls played their parts to perfection! I’m inspired to make a Princess Buttercup gown for my own daughter… when she’s old enough to walk, hehe. Seriously amazing job and amazing photos.


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