more swimsuits

more cosi swimsuits \\ craftiness is not optional

matchy matchy cosi swimsuit

Sadie requested another CosiΒ  swimsuit, and who am I to deny her that? (Ok, I made a ton more)

Bonus tug at my momma heartstrings-she asked me to make her one that matches my suit!!

How long will that last?

I’ll take it while it does, thankyaverymuch!

I had plenty of my bombshell suit fabric leftover (I bought 2 yards knowing hoping I’d make some for the girls someday), and it was quick work to sew up this simple version of the Cosi.

matchy matchy cosi swimsuit

I think the simple is my favorite. I sewed up a size 5 again, but forgot to shorten the length so it bunches up a bit.

Also should have shortened the elastic around the legs-room to grow, right?

that’s like, my mantra by now.

matchy matchy cosi swimsuit

I sewed the straps extra long and love the pop of color they add! I used the coral part of this striped fabric.

fit issues aside, this one is my most well made Cosi…fifth time’s the charm eh?


I’m getting the hang of the elastic and top stitching!

matchy matchy cosi swimsuit

She is thrilled with it and can’t wait to match me at the pool.

same here, kiddo.

that’s not a tear, I’ve got somethin’ in my eye….

matchy matchy cosi swimsuit

she is ALL legs.

more cosi swimsuits \\ craftiness is not optional

striped cosi criss cross strap swimsuit

The second one, I wanted to change up the straps.

I cut a piece of my fabric 2.5″x30″, then sewed it up into a tube and cut it in half.

Placed the straps on the front like the pattern shows, but in the back, I criss crossed them and sewed them into place.

striped cosi criss cross strap swimsuit

To do that, I had her try it on and adjusted as needed, then pinned.

(I totally didn’t tell her I was pinning-she FREAKS out that she’s going to get poked. She never has, for the record…)

it’s a more sporty look-which is fun!

I made this one a 4T-originally for Charlotte, but she didn’t like the stripes or the colors so I tried it on Sadie and wha-la.

Fit perfectly. Guess she’s still in 4T!

striped cosi criss cross strap swimsuit

showing off her wicked good swimming stroke.

striped cosi criss cross strap swimsuit

Β  and the empty spot in her mouth!

she lost her first tooth the other day!

striped cosi criss cross strap swimsuit

Β hooray!

more cosi swimsuits \\ craftiness is not optional

Avie got a simple polka dotted suit-I LOVE this one. Simplicity is usually pretty great, don’t you think?

more cosi swimsuits \\ craftiness is not optional

Such a girly girl already-she loves trying on shoes!

more cosi swimsuits \\ craftiness is not optional

more cosi swimsuits \\ craftiness is not optional

Charlotte wanted to match Sadie and I, so she got a criss cross strapped cosi, too.

more cosi swimsuits \\ craftiness is not optional

with a cute

more cosi swimsuits \\ craftiness is not optional

Oh and I also made this floral one for Sadie-all the other pics of it were blurry.

My profound apologies for not bombarding you with more swimsuit pictures.

I know, your day stinks now.

more cosi swimsuits \\ craftiness is not optional


  1. So cute, these guys! Love the floral with the coral ties. I kinda want one for myself.

  2. CUTIES!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for Summer so I can get sewing now!

  3. There are adorable and I really love that floral fabric! I think I am gonna have to buy that pattern!

  4. These are amazing!!!! You are on fire, girl. Love them all, but that striped one is my fave!

  5. stunning!

  6. They are all awesome Jess πŸ™‚ Love it how kids want to match with us πŸ™‚ So cute πŸ™‚

  7. They are seriously cute together. Love the line up pics!
    great sewing, happy swimming!

  8. The swimsuits are awesome. I want to make some swim trunks for my boys. I must also say that your girls are so ADORABLE!!!!

  9. Your daughters are impossibly adorable!!! Love the swimmies!

  10. They are all beautiful and your girls are just so gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  11. Love these! Your girls are adorable. And you make sewing swimwear seem less intimidating. I haven’t gone there yet…

  12. Now you all need to put those amazing swimsuits to use and come on over to swim.

  13. These are the cutest, Jess! I love ’em!

  14. I’m so glad to see you sewing up all these suits! I have gobs of swimsuit fabric I bought last year with plans to sew for my daughter. But she ended up being gifted a ton of swimsuits. So I’ve been saving it until I can get brave enough to do a suit. You’ve given me confidence! I found some online tutes but might have to try the cosi!

  15. All these suits are so adorable!!! And I’ll say it again–God has blessed you!

  16. Sara Speight says

    I love these and have been wondering about criss-crossing the straps to make them a bit more practical for swimming lessons. You may just have convinced me to buy the pattern!!

  17. I’m amazed at your talent! They are beyond cute!!

  18. Bananas!! So many adorable suits! I meant to do a criss-cross back suit for Em with my last blue one but made it a halter after all…just easier than trying to get placement/length right. Haha. And I totally shortened it to about a 4 too, fit is much better on our little shrimps. πŸ˜›

  19. Wow, look at you roll! You make swimsuits like you were born to do it! πŸ˜‰ I love the crossed back straps, especially on Charlotte’s suit… and that bow! So cute. Navy blue is the perfect color for Ava!

  20. josie mcRazie says

    So brave to tackle swim suits!! They look GREAT!! (And the girls smiles are infectious!!!)

  21. You are so prolific! All the suits are gorgeous. You’ve inspired me to buy this pattern and sew one for my daughter.

  22. You have such beautiful daughters. Love the suits.

  23. I was desperate to get some of that grey floral, but the didn’t ship to Australia, and now they do, it’s gone πŸ™ devasted! These are adorable!!!!

  24. Hello, Jess! Sorry I’m joining this post late! After seeing all your adorable versions of the cosi,I purchased the pattern and am ready to start working on a few for my girls. One quick question if you have time to answer: your modified straps – did they hold up the suit well and were they comfy for your little ones to wear? Thank you for sharing your creations with us!

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