new cross stitch patterns in the shop!

If you're a cross stitcher, or looking to get into cross stitching, or love Jane Austen and Pride & Prejudice, I have some new cross stitch patterns in the shop! I am so excited to launch these new patterns and it has been so fun for me to get back in the pattern saddle so to speak! These patterns are instant downloads, with great full … [Read more...]

Emma Lion books and mini book nook

Book Review corner! I have so many books to share but I must implore you to read these books, make haste! They are NOT to be missed. They will make you laugh, cry……laugh UNTIL you cry, and every emotion in between. They are called The Unselected Journals of Emma Lion and there are 7 volumes out right now! Impeccable writing, insanely like … [Read more...]

cross stitches in my Etsy shop

More new things in the Etsy shop this week! Hopefully you saw my mini Hogwarts trunks, I had so much fun making them! I also made some Jane Austen/Regency themed cross stitches, and they turned out so cute I think! I especially love Jane herself! I am making an Emma/Knightley cross stitch too, because they are my fave couple! Love me some … [Read more...]

New things in my Etsy shop!

As you all may know, every so often I get the miniature crafting bug again, and with a recent rewatch of the Harry Potter movies, I was feeling the Hogwarts vibes! So I made these mini trunks-all four houses are represented of course, and I filled them with all sorts of mini magical items! They were a blast to make and I poured my heart and soul … [Read more...]

modern dollhouse makeover: kitchen and living room

I found these old pictures of our old dollhouse that I redid at our old house....and figured they should be shared, if nothing for the mini SMEG fridge that I made out of a piece of wood, some vinyl, and some parts of a pen! … [Read more...]

Autumn inspired Regency bonnet

I knew I wanted to trim a Regency bonnet, for sure! We were out in the sun a bit during the day and it just fit the whole look! I grabbed this bonnet, which was a great shape for the time period, maybe not super historically accurate, but still pretty close. I found all the florals to trim it at Michaels, and had so much fun placing them and … [Read more...]

Rust Regency Spencer

  This spencer was a labor of love. I spent so many hours on it I don't even want to know. I learned a lot though, and had a lot of fun making the trim and adding it! Many audio books and tv shows were consumed while making the trim. It's called rouleaux trim, and this blog post was extremely well written and helpful when I was researching and … [Read more...]

teen girl room makeover for sadie

I finally made the hard decision (lol) to give up my craft room for Sadie, and I had SO much fun making this room over for her. It took weeks of work to downsize and empty out my craft room, (not to mention the design and planning and shopping! oh darn shopping), and the cover story was that we were making it into a combo craft room/guest room, … [Read more...]

Regency Little white dress

I knew I wanted to make the Regency wardrobe foundation: the little white dress. I made it out of this fantastic fabric and it worked great for the pattern I used! It shrunk a lot, but luckily steaming the fabric kinda stretched it back out again, if that makes sense? It was kind of gauze like, so it was so very comfortable to wear! The pattern … [Read more...]

Regency Underthings

I know what you're thinking...she's sewing again!? I'm just as flabbergasted but there is a good reason! I have always loved the Regency time period, Jane Austen books and films, and my sister is an author of some amazing Regency novels! So when I heard about the Regency Retreat from her, I knew I had to go! (they're sold out this year already!) … [Read more...]