sadies baptism dress

Sadie recently turned eight and chose to be baptized (we're LDS), and therefore needed a white dress, which is tradition! She didn't really have anything in mind, but we decided on lace being a part of the dress. I settled on the Mori dress pattern, which Heidi sent to me awhile ago and I've been wanting to sew up ever since! I used this poplin, … [Read more...]

toddler backpack

We are taking a plane trip this summer out to Utah for a family reunion and I've been gathering things for the girls to carry in their backpacks-the older two at least. I figured I'd carry Ava's stuff...but the second she saw that they were getting backpacks...well you know the drill. She insisted on one of her own. I could barely find a backpack … [Read more...]

my top 5 favorite kids sewing patterns + giveaway!!

This post was really fun to write! and also a ton of work. gathering photos from a blog is no small feat. well, compared to climbing a mountain it is, but whatever. I got the idea for this post from an Instagram comment, and I ran with it! I definitely have a few fave patterns I come back to time and time again. They are all pretty basic patterns, … [Read more...]

chambray shorts and a floral nessie top

This post has a reaaaally quick turnaround time-I sewed it up this afternoon, took pics and am now writing it up. BLOGGING IN REAL TIME, FOLKS. it's getting crazy around here. Ok so ignore the dramatics. I all of a sudden got the hankering to sew some shorts for Ava since she really needs some summer shorts-her wardrobe is a little sad of … [Read more...]

polka dot chambray darling ranges dress

First off I'd like to apologize for the blinding light you see coming off your screen right's been awhile since these legs have seen any regular sun. HAHA. but reeeeally. sorry. Moving on. I've had the darling ranges pattern for a long time (thanks Kristin!), and had plans to make one but the muslin process usually scares me off of … [Read more...]

floral staple dress

I went to SNAP conference last weekend. That needs a whole post in and of itself, but suffice it to say I had the time of my life! I needed wanted to make a floral dress for a SNAP party-sooo....I surfed the interwebs for florals and found this ADORABLE, vintage feeling print from my sponsor, Fat Quarter Shop! They were kind enough to send me the … [Read more...]

double gauze Bess Top

So psyched to be a part of Selfish Sewing week! I haven't sewn myself something in awhile so it felt great to get back in that mind frame...and now I want more! It's a slippery slope, heh? I sewed myself up a Bess top, pattern by Imagine Gnats, and fabric from her shop as well! The fabric is of course, amazingly soft and comfy to wear. It feels … [Read more...]

first day dress in Amy Butler

Have you seen Amy Butler's new fabric line, Violette? It's gorgeous! Her team emailed me to see if I'd be interested in some of her fabric for a project. UM YES. I picked out this gorgeous print and then it sat on the shelf for a little while...finally I decided on Dana's first day dress pattern-I wanted a simple dress to show off that fantastic … [Read more...]

KCW: upcycled aster cardi with a sequin collar

I've been wanting to do a sequin collar on SOMETHING for I finally got my act together and added one to this upcycled cardi. I thrifted this Lands End tee and flirted with making another dress.... I love finding L.E. tees in great shape because the fabric is superb...this one had one teeny bleach spot that I was able to cut … [Read more...]

peplum tops in navy and white

I had a marathon sewing session earlier in the week-I cut out a ton of tops and then sat down and sweat shopped my way through the stack! Mostly for Charlotte, to her delight. First up: this ADORABLE want-to-steal-it-for-myself bicycle print peplum top. Fabric is from the Imagine Gnats shop, and it's a fantastic knit. (I have a ton more fabric … [Read more...]