KCW: arizona toddler tee

Just another little last minute gathered tee for KCW! (one more tee to show and then I'm done!) I used the same formula as this tee, only with some adorable Arizona knit fabric that the lovely Alida sent me! and the rest of this skirt! I just had enough for the bodice, so luckily I had enough of that navy fabric from the skirt to finish it … [Read more...]

KCW: upcycled tees

Sometimes simple is the way to go. In the case of this thrifted tee, I've actually had it for years, and finally KCW pushed me to use it up! I didn't stray far from it's original form-just cut it apart (using the slimmed down Nessie) and then resewed it up into a cute little tee! I think my favorite part of this one is those cute elbow … [Read more...]

KCW: upcycled aster cardi with a sequin collar

I've been wanting to do a sequin collar on SOMETHING for ages...so I finally got my act together and added one to this upcycled cardi. I thrifted this Lands End tee and flirted with making another dress.... I love finding L.E. tees in great shape because the fabric is superb...this one had one teeny bleach spot that I was able to cut … [Read more...]

KCW: upcycled lace tee

I think this little top might just be my favorite thing of late. Perfect shade of coral? check. lace? check. looks adorable on my mini human? check. See the before down at the bottom, but I scored this adorable knit tee whilst thrifting-the front had a lace overlay which I LOVED. I debated back and forth with what to make with it-it almost … [Read more...]

KCW: upcycled navy dot dress

KIDS CLOTHES WEEK is here y'all! I am psyched for this one because the theme is upcycle! I used to do this so much, when I didn't have much of a fabric budget but I wanted to sew ALL the things. We have pretty good thrifting around here so I'd hit up the t-shirt/skirt sections and buy them when they were half off. You can see some of my … [Read more...]

floral coral raglan tee

I love raglan tees. Not only are the sleeves SO easy (straight lines? I got this), but they allow for some cute pattern mixing or color blocking. And you know when a fabric combo just jumps out at you and you HAVE to sew it up right then and there? Well that's what happened here. I was actually saving this fabric to make myself a top someday, but … [Read more...]

aster cardigan and a skater dress

Since I had the Aster cardigan pattern sitting on my cutting table just begging to be sewn up-I decided to give in to it. It did not let me down. I sewed up a size 5-figured the girls could share it, and it fits little C with room to grow! I used a mens t shirt that I had grabbed from walmart awhile ago. (I know! Not the color I expected in the … [Read more...]

topped with a bow tee

This latest tee for Miss C was a refashion-I spotted this top at the thrift store on 50% off day, and it hopped right into my hands. By itself. Ok...maybe not, but as soon as I saw those coral and grey stripes, I knew it was meant to be. I always forget to take a before pic, but picture it as a boxy, shapeless tee. But with a cute pattern and … [Read more...]

purple striped tee

I did a little refashion the other week and it turned into this little square necked top! It's made from a thrifted tee (I always forget to take a before pic, just imagine a really boxy tee and pretend I did), and I decided to play with the stripes a bit! Taking my cues from this fab tutorial...this tee was created. The knit I was working with was … [Read more...]

KCWC: lace and magenta top

I thrifted this super soft tee and refashioned it into this layered lacy top...you maybe can't tell, but the lace is layered with strips of fabric cut from the sleeves of the original tee. I have to rework the neck a bit but besides that it came together fairly quickly! Just another fall basic...I think that's why I love KCWC so much, it forces me … [Read more...]