Rust Regency Spencer

  This spencer was a labor of love. I spent so many hours on it I don't even want to know. I learned a lot though, and had a lot of fun making the trim and adding it! Many audio books and tv shows were consumed while making the trim. It's called rouleaux trim, and this blog post was extremely well written and helpful when I was researching and … [Read more...]

Regency Little white dress

I knew I wanted to make the Regency wardrobe foundation: the little white dress. I made it out of this fantastic fabric and it worked great for the pattern I used! It shrunk a lot, but luckily steaming the fabric kinda stretched it back out again, if that makes sense? It was kind of gauze like, so it was so very comfortable to wear! The pattern … [Read more...]

Regency Underthings

I know what you're thinking...she's sewing again!? I'm just as flabbergasted but there is a good reason! I have always loved the Regency time period, Jane Austen books and films, and my sister is an author of some amazing Regency novels! So when I heard about the Regency Retreat from her, I knew I had to go! (they're sold out this year already!) … [Read more...]

polka dot chambray darling ranges dress

First off I'd like to apologize for the blinding light you see coming off your screen right's been awhile since these legs have seen any regular sun. HAHA. but reeeeally. sorry. Moving on. I've had the darling ranges pattern for a long time (thanks Kristin!), and had plans to make one but the muslin process usually scares me off of … [Read more...]

floral staple dress

I went to SNAP conference last weekend. That needs a whole post in and of itself, but suffice it to say I had the time of my life! I needed wanted to make a floral dress for a SNAP party-sooo....I surfed the interwebs for florals and found this ADORABLE, vintage feeling print from my sponsor, Fat Quarter Shop! They were kind enough to send me the … [Read more...]

travel jewelry clutch

I'll be traveling a few times this year so I figured it was time to make a travel jewelry clutch. I've made one before (as a gift), but I wanted one that was smaller and had something for stud earrings...I scrolled through Pinterest and found this tutorial, which I loved all the aspects of, so it was my winner! I used my fave striped fabric and … [Read more...]

mustard washi dress

I wanted to love how this dress turned out-but a few things happened that leaves it hanging in my closet. But....I still wanted to blog it since not everything is a triumph! and I will give the washi another shot, of course! All the things I did wrong were my own fault. as is per usual. the two things that didn't quite work out-the darts in … [Read more...]

double gauze Bess Top

So psyched to be a part of Selfish Sewing week! I haven't sewn myself something in awhile so it felt great to get back in that mind frame...and now I want more! It's a slippery slope, heh? I sewed myself up a Bess top, pattern by Imagine Gnats, and fabric from her shop as well! The fabric is of course, amazingly soft and comfy to wear. It feels … [Read more...]

Just for You book blog hop: infinity scarf

I am SO excited to share this new sewing book with you today! It's called Just for You-(affiliate link) and it is literally that-24 gorgeous and simple sewing projects you can make for yourself. we all deserve a little selfish sewing time, right? Yours truly has a project in the book-which I am psyched about! I love seeing my name in … [Read more...]

DIY leather bag (and leather hide store giveaway!)

I am SO psyched to share this project with you all today! I was contacted by the Leather Hide Store about sending me a hide to work with, and of course I was in. I love using leather! (for moccs, shoes, phone cases,  accents...) They sent me a few samples and I chose my hide color from those. (Dark Gold Rush.) I wanted to make a bag with it-but … [Read more...]