Sadie’s floral franklin christmas dress

I went back and forth on Sadie and Charlotte's dress fabrics this year-but in the end I went with what I had picked out a few months back, this cute floral fabric. (well, that's as close as I could find on Fabricworm where I got it!) the red flowers reminded me of poinsettias and the minty blue accents were too sweet. I paired it with some Dear … [Read more...]

lion maggie mae dress

Little Miss C has been a little obsessed with what she calls "THE ROAR SONG!", her birthday party theme only made that obsession deeper. I had some of this gorgeous Cotton & Steel lion fabric in my stash, and when she walked into my sewing room and flipped out with excitement while I was cutting it out, I knew I made the right choice! She loves … [Read more...]

pretty in peplum polka dot dress

So psyched to be a part of the Pretty in Peplum blog tour! I couldn't wait to sew up this dress. Charlotte has a similar one from H&M and I always meant to copy it for the other girls, and then Abby went and made this awesome pattern. I've said it once, I'll say it again, I love when people do the hard work for you. ;) Anyways! We also … [Read more...]

batch of little zippy tops for Ava

Ava is moving up into 24 mo & 2T clothing! Which is exciting because I get to sew her some new stuff up! Fun Fact: I get tired of seeing some things I have made over and over again on the older girls. I LOVE changing up their wardrobes often, and gave a TON of their old (I'll be honest, some barely worn) clothes to my sister in law who was … [Read more...]

floral coral raglan tee

I love raglan tees. Not only are the sleeves SO easy (straight lines? I got this), but they allow for some cute pattern mixing or color blocking. And you know when a fabric combo just jumps out at you and you HAVE to sew it up right then and there? Well that's what happened here. I was actually saving this fabric to make myself a top someday, but … [Read more...]

aster cardigan and a skater dress

Since I had the Aster cardigan pattern sitting on my cutting table just begging to be sewn up-I decided to give in to it. It did not let me down. I sewed up a size 5-figured the girls could share it, and it fits little C with room to grow! I used a mens t shirt that I had grabbed from walmart awhile ago. (I know! Not the color I expected in the … [Read more...]

glass onion floral top

the second I saw Shauna's new adorable pattern in my feed, I knew I had to make one! (or more..we'll see ;) She graciously sent over the pattern, and I cut out one for Ava-I thought she could use a new top and the blog was a little Ava-dry lately anyways. lol. Then it sat on my cutting table while I had a little sewing dry spell. Wasn't in the … [Read more...]

cotton and steel dress

I (like most of blogland) am in love with the new Cotton and Steel fabric. I had to get my hands on some-and then of course it was burning a hole in my shelf...I don't even think it made it on my shelf, actually.... I also had a copy of the Fawn Lily dress pattern calling to me... fate. I think fate worked out just dandy! this little miss … [Read more...]

yellow and chambray norah dress

Once again, Ava was in "need" (I was bored with the hand me downs in her closet) of a new dress-and I had a yard of this gorgeous new fabric from the Arizona line that was burning a hole through my fabric shelf. I paired it with some chambray (same fabric as these shorts) and tada! Her hair is getting long!! I sewed up a 2T size of the Norah … [Read more...]

bari j bianca top

On my quest to sew ALL THE THINGS for myself, the Bianca was in my sights-it looked flattering, and fun to sew. And guess what? it is, and was. I chose some lovely Bari J voile (from Fabricworm) which was amazing to sew with! buttery soft but still pretty sturdy. and what a gorgeous print! I love that it's like a grown up floral. it's like … [Read more...]