toddler backpack

We are taking a plane trip this summer out to Utah for a family reunion and I've been gathering things for the girls to carry in their backpacks-the older two at least. I figured I'd carry Ava's stuff...but the second she saw that they were getting backpacks...well you know the drill. She insisted on one of her own. I could barely find a backpack … [Read more...]

floral and leather foldover clutch

  Another little clutch for a good friends birthday! (with leather addition) I love LOVE LOVE making these! It's fun to fill them with chocolate too, of course. ;) I used some scraps for this one again, basically the same process as this clutch. the leather is upcycled from a thrifted bag-which also made a pair of shoes for Ava! the outer … [Read more...]

liberty and leather foldover clutch

I keep busting out these foldover clutches for gifts lately, they are pretty quick to make and it's great fun to pick out fabric combos! I like to try and guess what people would far they've been winners. :) crossing my fingers for future clutches... I made this liberty and leather clutch for my sister in law's birthday...the leather … [Read more...]

buffalo plaid and gold foldover clutch

  I recently participated in a handmade swap and whipped up this little foldover clutch for the lady who's name I drew! I kinda didn't want to send it away, but alas, promises were made, so off it went. grumble grumble. just kidding. a little bit. The buffalo plaid is flannel-a remnant I found at Joanns...and promptly wished I could have … [Read more...]

DIY leather bag (and leather hide store giveaway!)

I am SO psyched to share this project with you all today! I was contacted by the Leather Hide Store about sending me a hide to work with, and of course I was in. I love using leather! (for moccs, shoes, phone cases,  accents...) They sent me a few samples and I chose my hide color from those. (Dark Gold Rush.) I wanted to make a bag with it-but … [Read more...]

travel jewelry bag

I made this bag for Sadie's Kindergarten teacher this Christmas-she loves jewelry so I hoped this travel jewelry bag would be a useful gift for her! I kind of want one for myself now, too. So handy! I used this tutorial/free pattern. I love all the small pockets for earrings and rings. So awesome. It was a very simple sew-took about an hour 1/2 … [Read more...]

Jo Totes camera bag review and giveaway!

So. We all love our cameras, right? I took the plunge and bought a Canon 5D Mark 3 (affiliate link) a few months ago. But holy crud not at that price thank the heavens...we got a good deal dad convinced me to upgrade to the umpteenth value, and Rory was surprisingly on so anyways. With this brand new-ish baby to protect, so … [Read more...]

new church bags

I decided the other week to make new church bags for the girls. New year, new bags, right? Just go along with it...I really just wanted an excuse to use this gorgeous Echino fabric! A fat quarter was just enough to make these kid sized totes. (not including the lining of course) I also got a huge kick out of using such brightly colored fabrics....I … [Read more...]

Jo Totes camera bag giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed*** Are you going out into the Black Friday madness? I am...though not in the wee hours of the morning, I'm not that onto the finale of my birthday giveaway week!     The lovely folks over at Jo Totes (camera bags for ladies!) sent me this gorgeous camera bag-the Betsy in mustard to be exact. If you feel … [Read more...]

wee little violin bag

I made Sadie a little bag for her "violin" the other day. She's starting with some "lessons" with my mom this week, and she's so excited! (My sibs and I all played the violin-Suzuki method-at one point in our "youth"*)*enough quotations, I know! I am such a nerd. No tutorial for this one, because I doubt anyone else has need for a fake violin bag. … [Read more...]