yotb harrison hoodie

I had this loosely knit french terry fabric burning a whole in my pocket-er...stash shelf...and I knew I wanted to make a Harrison Hoodie before too long-THUS this adorable little sweater was born! I made a size 12-18 months, which fit very well! It was such a quick make-It felt like even including piecing the pattern and cutting, it was about an … [Read more...]

KCW: upcycled aster cardi with a sequin collar

I've been wanting to do a sequin collar on SOMETHING for ages...so I finally got my act together and added one to this upcycled cardi. I thrifted this Lands End tee and flirted with making another dress.... I love finding L.E. tees in great shape because the fabric is superb...this one had one teeny bleach spot that I was able to cut … [Read more...]

white ballet sweaters

So the girls have been a bit chilly lately at ballet class. They have class in a large, slightly drafty room, and were in need of either some long sleeved leotards or sweaters. And since well duh I like to sew, and I had some lovely stretch velvet in my stash just begging to be ballet sweaters, well...ya'll can see where this is going. I had seen … [Read more...]