yotb harrison hoodie

I had this loosely knit french terry fabric burning a whole in my pocket-er...stash shelf...and I knew I wanted to make a Harrison Hoodie before too long-THUS this adorable little sweater was born! I made a size 12-18 months, which fit very well! It was such a quick make-It felt like even including piecing the pattern and cutting, it was about an … [Read more...]

KCW: upcycled aster cardi with a sequin collar

I've been wanting to do a sequin collar on SOMETHING for ages...so I finally got my act together and added one to this upcycled cardi. I thrifted this Lands End tee and flirted with making another dress.... I love finding L.E. tees in great shape because the fabric is superb...this one had one teeny bleach spot that I was able to cut … [Read more...]

white ballet sweaters

So the girls have been a bit chilly lately at ballet class. They have class in a large, slightly drafty room, and were in need of either some long sleeved leotards or sweaters. And since well duh I like to sew, and I had some lovely stretch velvet in my stash just begging to be ballet sweaters, well...ya'll can see where this is going. I had seen … [Read more...]

slouchy cardigan tutorial

Soooooo. here's that tutorial I promised you from way back when. I made my first version for Project Run and Play, but this one is a simplified cardi with no tie or pockets. (though those are easy to add!) I love the grandpa style cardi on kids-and it's so easy to make you'll want to whip up one in every color knit you have! These are great for … [Read more...]

belgian style kids clothes (hint: they rock!)

I'm so excited to be guest posting today over on Straight Grain, for An's Kids Clothes-Belgian Style series. All I had to do was take a peek at her Belgian kids clothes pinterest board to know that I. loved. it.  The bright colors, the pattern mixing, the layering! It seems like the Belgians really know how to let a kid dress like, well...a kid! … [Read more...]

Project Run and Play week 3-Modern Marigold

Vote for your favorite look here! "It's all in the details" week was definitely the hardest for me, design-wise...it took awhile to figure out what I wanted to do...after all,  the theme "Details" is not much of a guideline. I could pretty much do whatever I wanted! Talk about overwhelming. Finally, with the help of my awesome best friend … [Read more...]

kids clothes week-grey fleece sweater

I love how this sweater turned out! I wish I'd lined it in cotton though, instead of more fleece, it's a bit stiff in the arms. (Christmas Story style) Anyways-it was fun to sew-and pretty easy to put together. I used this pattern. Another piece for the Sadester's fall/winter wardrobe! … [Read more...]

toddler sweatshirt tutorial

well, if last week was clothing for sadie week, this week is tutorial week. hehehave an old sweatshirt lying around? or maybe one that's way too big?! I did...and figured it would get more use if i refashioned it for the sadester. hence, this tutorial was born!A few times throughout i will refer you to my mandarin shirt tutorial, and at the end i … [Read more...]

chilly? sew a sweatshirt.

i made this sweatshirt today for sadie out of an old sweatshirt, hairbands, and some mismatched buttons. i think it's pretty darn cute though.she seems to like it, or maybe it's the leaves...or her little baby pumpkins. yeah, she loves those things. usually she is smiling! hehethe sweatshirt before the makeover...from my old job in utah. i wore it … [Read more...]