toddler backpack

toddler backpack

We are taking a plane trip this summer out to Utah for a family reunion and I’ve been gathering things for the girls to carry in their backpacks-the older two at least. I figured I’d carry Ava’s stuff…but the second she saw that they were getting backpacks…well you know the drill. She insisted on one of her own. I could barely find a backpack small enough for Charlotte, but I remembered this free pattern and tute that I had used before, so I looked it up, and had it sewn up in a jiffy for our kraken! She watched me make it and was so thrilled for her own bak-bak!

toddler backpack

I used some precious Heather Ross canvas (from the Far Far Away 2 line) that I’d been hoarding for years, actually purchased to make Sadie a backpack for preschool, but she didn’t really need one so it never got made.

It took only about a 1/2 yard and I didn’t need interfacing at all.

toddler backpack

I BIG OLD HEART IT. It’s so happy and bright and cheerful.

toddler backpack

Ava big old hearts it too, and she feels like a big girl, just like her sissies!

Β toddler backpack

Β All ready for my first airplane ride, mom!

toddler backpack


  1. Kathleen says

    This is adorable! Did you make the side panels the same size as the pattern? They seem kind of narrow and yours don’t look as narrow. Thanks!

  2. so super cute!! A toddler backpack pattern has been on my list to create all year.. yours is so cute!

  3. A very pretty backpack! You should sell these πŸ™‚
    x M. /

  4. So very cute! But you know, she really does need a kraken dress, it’s way overdue at this point! May I suggest cotton + steel octopi? πŸ˜‰

    • One step ahead of you my friend-I have the fabric already washed just need to cut something out and sew it! lol!

  5. So cute!

  6. Laura J. says

    Oh my gosh, she is just freakishly cute. My daughter calls it her “back-ack” I can’t bring myself to correct her. Nothin’ cuter in my book than little kids with back-acks & pigtails!

  7. So cute! My got my daughter to carry around her own diaper changing supplies when she was 1 1/2 because we put them in a cute little backpack. I was kicking myself for not making my boys carry their stuff around when they were little! πŸ™‚


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