chambray shorts and a floral nessie top

chambray shorts and a floral nessie top

This post has a reaaaally quick turnaround time-I sewed it up this afternoon, took pics and am now writing it up.


it’s getting crazy around here.

chambray shorts and a floral nessie top

Ok so ignore the dramatics. I all of a sudden got the hankering to sew some shorts for Ava since she really needs some summer shorts-her wardrobe is a little sad of late.

So I grabbed my MADE shorts pattern since it’s super quick to make and I already had what I guessed would be her size cut out. (3T)

I had 1/2 yard of this chambray left that I had made my darling ranges dress from, so I cut it out and quickly sewed it up!

chambray shorts and a floral nessie top

It’s such a simple pattern, I love it. I’ve MADE it (har har) a few times before.

I did only have 1.25″ wide elastic so the casing is really wide and the pocket openings are smaller than they should be, but she can still get her little fists in so that’s what matters!

chambray shorts and a floral nessie top

Then I decided a new pair of shorts deserved a new cute Nessie top!

Size 3T because she getting so big! *SOB*

fabric from girl charlee.

RANDOM FACT: I’ve sewn up around 24 Nessie tops. You could call me a pro at making them. If you want to.

chambray shorts and a floral nessie top

I whipped this one out in record time and got Ava up from her nap announcing,”NEW OUTFIT AVA ARE YOU EXCITED? LETS TAKE PICTURES!”

She was like, “zzzzz no.”

I was like, “I’LL GIVE YOU CANDY”

and she changed her tune. You get the idea.

chambray shorts and a floral nessie top

She really loves pockets so that’s probably what sealed the deal for her.

chambray shorts and a floral nessie top


chambray shorts and a floral nessie top


  1. Love this, and it made me laugh too xxx

  2. Such an adorable outfit! Love it!

  3. Love this little outfit! I’ve always been a bit scared of sewing with knits, but the Nessie top really is adorable and I love all the variations… It might be about time to face my fears! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh my gosh! Ava is a mini Jessica. Love the fabric combo. You are so talented!

  5. I’d wear this outfit ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 24 Nessies???? I follow you with 7 ones ๐Ÿ™‚ Such a wonderful pattern! Can’t get enough…

  7. Jennifer says

    When did she grow up?!? And I love this whole post, the drama, the dialogue, the pics & of course the fab sewing. You’re the coolest.

  8. Gosh, she is adorable! I really love everything you make!! Love the nessie top- I’ve got to make more of those!!!!

  9. so cute

  10. Lovely outfit, love the fabric combination!

  11. Lisabeth says

    So much to love ! The great post ! The super cute kiddo who has grown soooooo quickly ! The super rose Nessie top and the fabu shorts ! I used a lot of exclamation points but it was all so awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Your blog posts make me smile. Super cute outfit! I need to get around to sewing a Nessie Top for my 17 month old daughter. I have the pattern, just need to get to work to actually make it!

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