polka dot chambray darling ranges dress

polka dot chambray darling ranges dress

First off I’d like to apologize for the blinding light you see coming off your screen right now….it’s been awhile since these legs have seen any regular sun. HAHA. but reeeeally. sorry.

Moving on. I’ve had the darling ranges pattern for a long time (thanks Kristin!), and had plans to make one but the muslin process usually scares me off of fitted clothes for me. I was determined to make one out of this lovely polka dot chambray (affiliate link) though so I persisted.

polka dot chambray darling ranges dress

I did a few muslins with the original darts but they did not at all work out or look good. I ended up using the Washi dress darts and adjusting as I went, using Megan’s tutorials for what I needed. I think I lengthened the bodice so it hit at my waist not ribs, and also raised the neckline by 1-2″.

polka dot chambray darling ranges dress

Purty Liberty bias tape for the neckline!

After all that fussing the rest of the sewing went just fine! it was definitely an enjoyable sew and when all was said and done I love it-it’s so versatile and can be accessorized til the cows come home.

Also it would work for a barn dance, just sayin’.

Cause I get invited to a lot of those.

polka dot chambray darling ranges dress

I spent a lot of $$ on the buttons, lol. I found these fab coconut buttons at my local Joanns store and fell in love with them, but I needed ONE MORE BUTTON than what they had in stock. SOBBBB.

Luckily their online store saved my skin and I stocked up on a bunch of necessities while I was at it to get free shipping, haha.

polka dot chambray darling ranges dress

polka dot chambray darling ranges dress

It kind of needs a belt, dontcha think?

polka dot chambray darling ranges dress


  1. Your dress looks great! I am working up the courage to try something that needs fitting around the bust!

  2. Such a great versatile dress. Nice work!

  3. sooooo cute on you! i want one!!

  4. ADORABLE! Love the whole ensemble. The dress would be great for so many things. And so great with those pockets! Perfection. ๐Ÿ™‚ And, you must share where you got your shoes… Adorable! Please??? I think I “need” them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Oh love it! I put of making mine forever too and had some fit issues, that did work out ok, but I’m totally going to raise the neckline next time like you did! Brilliant!

  6. Nice work with the muslins and adjustments! It’s a great fit! So inspiring…

  7. it looks awesome on you! I love that chambray. And your legs look great. They are a nice creamy white like porcelain!

  8. Beautiful! Love the liberty binding and the fit!

  9. You are SO cute! Love the dress- it looks awesome on you!

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