peplum tops in navy and white

bicycle peplum top-craftiness is not optional

I had a marathon sewing session earlier in the week-I cut out a ton of tops and then sat down and sweat shopped my way through the stack! Mostly for Charlotte, to her delight.

First up: this ADORABLE want-to-steal-it-for-myself bicycle print peplum top.

bicycle peplum top-craftiness is not optional

Fabric is from the Imagine Gnats shop, and it’s a fantastic knit. (I have a ton more fabric I can’t wait to use that I got there!)

White fabric can (obvs) be see through but this knit was pretty much opaque and a very nice weight.

The pattern is the top version of the Pretty in Peplum pattern by Sew Much Ado. I think I sewed up a 4T and it fit perfectly.

I did shorten the bodice a bit since Charlotte inherited my short torso. (sorry, girl)

I made Charlotte a dress too which I’ll show you another time, but I might like the top version even more!

bicycle peplum top-craftiness is not optional

Case in point, I made Ava a long sleeved top with the same pattern!

floral peplum top-craftiness is not optional

Dude is there anything cuter than a wee little gal decked out in a peplum top?!
They seem to think they are dresses though- MOM BUT IT HAS A SKIRT ALREADY!

erm, noooo…

I used Girl Charlee fabric and it’s a bit thin (not as opaque as the bicycles).

It worked out ok, but I mainly chose it for the print, I probably wouldn’t use this weight of fabric for this pattern again.

floral peplum top-craftiness is not optional

You can kinda see the facing.

So emburrsing.

haha jk. I’ll be back with more tops and a dress soon!


  1. Those shirts are so cute. And Charlotte’s poses are fantastic. She’s a great little model.

  2. Completely adorable! Both in the shape and the fabrics.

  3. This is so cute! I wanna try doing it, too!!

  4. Your kids look great in their new tops, lovely!

  5. love them both! and, yeah… definitely need to add another bolts of those bikes to my next art gallery order!

  6. Fabulous! The bike print is my favorite!

  7. Adorable! Both the tops and your girls.

  8. Pretty indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Oh Jess! They are both so adorable in those tops! Love those fabrics.

  10. Ow, they are fabulous, both the tops and the girls! Love white & navy, always a winning combination…

  11. These are so cute! And my daughter is the same, she calls them “Skirt Shirts”, and will still wear froofy skirts with them.

  12. Those girls are too cute! I love Girl Charlee’s prints, but I do end up having to line or underline things rather often. Maybe it’s because I have a penchant for white backgrounds. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love the way these peplums turned out!

  13. both are so cute!! Love the shirts and the models ;o)

  14. Those are adorable. Haha my youngest thinks shirts with ruffly bottoms and peplums are dresses too.

  15. Your girls are just the best little models and I can’t believe how they’re growing! Does time pass faster at your house? Super cute tops

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