KCWC: aztec print skater dress

More stuff I made during Kids Clothes Week! I love love love this challenge, always have. It's a real kick in the toosh for me. Especially now since I'm in a teensy bit of a sewing slump. Making a few quick things here and there makes me feel productive, and getting out of the house for a real photo shoot is fun! At least for me. You'd think I'd … [Read more...]

the princess bride film petit

  Guys I can't tell you how psyched I am to be a part of Film Petit this month! I've been begging asking the gals when my turn would be for years months. If you’re new to Film Petit, it’s an ongoing sewing series hosted by Kristin from Skirt as Top and Jessica from A Little Gray where they pick a favorite movie and sew an outfit (or two) inspired … [Read more...]

white ballet sweaters

So the girls have been a bit chilly lately at ballet class. They have class in a large, slightly drafty room, and were in need of either some long sleeved leotards or sweaters. And since well duh I like to sew, and I had some lovely stretch velvet in my stash just begging to be ballet sweaters, well...ya'll can see where this is going. I had seen … [Read more...]

KNITerview & a knit bow tutorial

I'm psyched to be over at Rae's today as a part of her KNITerviews-a series all about your favorite bloggers & KNITS! Knits are one of my favorite fabric types to sew with-so comfy for kiddos and grown ups alike, and not as hard to sew with as you may think! Also, as you may know I recently came out with my first knit PDF pattern-the Nessie … [Read more...]

triangle Norah dress

  Hey there! It's all about triangles and jazz hands here on CINO today! well, ok...and some sewing of course. I am psyched to be a part of the Norah dress blog tour! It's a fabulous new dress pattern by Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House!  Sadie has been in need of some new dresses for church, so when I got the invite for the tour, I was … [Read more...]

coral leafy dress

Sadie has been "needing" some new church dresses lately. (really I am getting sick of seeing the same old dresses every week) So I took it upon myself to sew up an oldie but goodie. Meaning I'd sewn this pattern a LOONG time ago and decided to have another go. I'm glad I did-usually I leave a pattern be after sewing it up once, preferring to prowl … [Read more...]

the Nessie top-a new knit top pattern!

woohoo! I am super duper excited to announce the release of my newest pattern-the Nessie top! You probably saw my posts last week starring the basic Nessie and the two variations....this versatile knit tee pattern features a bevy of options-the basic Nessie has a comfy, swingy fit, a hi-lo hem and is perfect for showcasing a favorite print. Other … [Read more...]

the Nessie top-variations

I'm back with the Nessie top variations! I'm in love LOVE LOVE with this color-blocked lace tee. I needs one for myself. Ms. C rocks it pretty well though, right? She and Sadie are almost the same size in shirts these days...lol. So this variation is simple but oh so cute. and very very easy, did I mention it's easy? Channeling Katy Perry … [Read more...]

mustard polka dot knit dress

     I made this dress....oh, over a month ago. Took pics, even edited them, but in all the hullabaloo of whatever is is that I was doing at the time (I have the worst memory), I forgot to post about it. Bad Blogger! tsk tsk. Anyways, it's just a simple knit dress that I whipped up* and since I am such a bad blogger, didn't take pics for a … [Read more...]

KCW: floral and teal corduroy hosh pants

I've already sewn up (and loved!) one of LouBee Clothing's patterns-the Bimaa, so I was dying to take a swing at her Hosh pants after seeing them all over blogland. They are a quick and easy sew-and practically tailor made for my skinny Sadie. I sewed them up for both girls-in this awesome stretch sateen, and some teal corduroy from Hancocks … [Read more...]