mustard polka dot knit dress


mustard dot knit dress by craftiness is not optional

I made this dress….oh, over a month ago. Took pics, even edited them, but in all the hullabaloo of whatever is is that I was doing at the time (I have the worst memory), I forgot to post about it. Bad Blogger! tsk tsk. Anyways, it’s just a simple knit dress that I whipped up* and since I am such a bad blogger, didn’t take pics for a tutorial either. For shame.

*whipped up meaning that I had to resew that durn waistband like 3 times. “sarcasm font”

mustard polka dot knit dress close up by craftiness is not optional

So back to the dress. The top portion is a tee pattern I drafted for myself a long time ago and have used off and on. I lengthened the sleeves to 3/4 length because it’s a much more flattering length on me than….any other  length. I added the aforementioned elastic waistband which cinches it in nicely and makes it oh so comfy. Like, take-a-nap-in-it-after-church-comfy.

mustard polka dot knit dress || craftiness is not optional

The fabric I got from Girl Charlee ages ago, and eeked this dress out of 2 yards. I left the bottom unhemmed because it curled up nicely and I’m a bit lazy sometimes. shhh don’t tell anyone.

knit mustard polka dot dress by craftiness is not optional

  It’s a great staple dress for fall, and I love how it can be dressed up with a belt-or a contrasting cardigan-I have big plans for this little mustard dress!

mustard knit dress by craftiness is not optional


  1. Great cute staple. I’m not brave enough to just whip out womens wear. I would be resewing more than the waistband just once!

  2. Gorgeous dress and you look beautiful! Love that mustard colour!

  3. super cute – great job!

  4. cute, cute!

  5. I love the belt with this dress! Awesome!

  6. It looks great! I want to sew for myself but I am intimidated by knit necklines and can’t figure out the waistband thing either.

  7. Very cute! And I love it when I have something already done for those rainy-blog days where inspiration isn’t hitting and nothing gets done. 🙂

    • that’s exactly how I’m feeling this week-plus the whole family is sick with a stomach bug…so nothing’s getting sewn lately!

  8. Very nice!
    I like the way the dress fits and the fabric is beautiful!

  9. Oh yes, there really should be a sarcasm font. Or color. Something… But back to the dress, this is exactly what you said…a wonderful staple dress! I do appreciate clothes comfy enough to fall asleep in, or cuddle up on the couch and read in, it’s pretty high up there on my checklist for garment functionality. Extra cute with the belt!

  10. you look amazing in this dress! I am totally wanting to copy you. It looks so comfy and I’m with ya on the sleeve length, something about that little extra coverage makes it warmer and comfier.

  11. karen woodhull says

    totally adorable dress!!

  12. Love this dress! You can never have too many cute basics 🙂

  13. LOVE IT!!!! Really cute! It really is a great dress for Fall!

  14. You are so cute! Whipped this up…you are awesome.

  15. Such a cute dress! Love the comfort factor 🙂 And that fabric is pretty fab too!

  16. Cameron Lawracy says

    Aaaand…when are you going to turn this into a pattern for sale??? LOVE it. You’re too cute in it. Looks so so so comfy. I’m all about not having to change clothes after church to take an afternoon nap. 🙂 Kudos!

  17. Absolutely adorable – you and the dress!

  18. Your amaze-pants! I also need a 3/4 sleeve. All others are grody on me.

  19. Oh, this looks like the perfect dress. Really! I would love to know how you did the casing…. An inside-out picture??!!

  20. You look so cute! Love this dress with the belt. =)

  21. Oh it looks so comfy and pretty on you! Very nice, lady, very nice.

  22. Love it!! Such a versatile piece for your closet!!

  23. I have some of that! I was planning to make a cardi with it but just may do a dress for my daughter! Dont know why i didnt think of that before. I have the same fabric in navy too

  24. O! And your dress turned out really cute! I would love a tutorial for that type of waistband.

  25. Fairygodmother says

    Wow thats really lovely x

  26. Oh I love this!! I need to learn how to sew clothing!! Susan

  27. You look beautiful! Such a perfect dress, I love it!

  28. Oh, very cute…and I love a good, nap-able dress!

  29. Oh, I want to try sewing/drafting clothing for myself so bad, but I just can’t get past the thought of spending the money on the yardage, only to have it turn out frumpy, wonky, and bag ladyish and have to scrap it 😛

  30. This dress is wonderful. I love making/finding dresses like this because you can throw them on without worrying about it being too low or too short at any point. And I totally thought that you had added a cute bias tape to the bottom, not that it wasn’t hemmed at all!

  31. Love everything about this dress! I wish I could get my hands on this fabric!!!!

  32. I am so in love with this dress. I have some jersey fabric I’d love to turn into a similar style. Could you share how you constructed/drafted it? I have a great sheath/t-shirt pattern, but I’m not sure how to do the skirt portion…Thanks!

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