coral leafy dress

pockets!  craftiness is not optional

Sadie has been “needing” some new church dresses lately. (really I am getting sick of seeing the same old dresses every week) So I took it upon myself to sew up an oldie but goodie. Meaning I’d sewn this pattern a LOONG time ago and decided to have another go. I’m glad I did-usually I leave a pattern be after sewing it up once, preferring to prowl for new ones, but I loved the pockets last time and liked the longer sleeve options for the cooler weather coming up that is here already. brrrrrr!

coral leaf dress sewn by craftiness is not optional

Sadie’s look of astonishment when she found the pockets was so hilarious!

coral leaf dress by craftiness is not optional

Egads Momma! Thar be pockets! (she really doesn’t speak like that)

I sewed up a 5 which fit perfectly! I prefer my girls dresses to start out longer on them so they can grow into them a bit, but I think it’ll work fine with some knit tights this fall and winter. I sewed it up with this lovely coral fabric I’ve been hoarding! From my sponsor, Fabricworm!

the contrast fabric is a cool shimmery linen blend that both Kristin and I picked up at Hancock Fabric when she visited in October. It’s soft and so shimmery. I grabbed two yards and will no doubt be rationing it out for awhile.

sparkly pockets!  craftiness is not optional

I added a cool oversize floral button to the back and called it a day. I love how this one turned out!

coral leaf dress  craftiness is not optional


  1. That’s a super cute button, and I love how it goes with the dress! Your girls are adorable, and your sewing is incredible!

  2. Cute dress and I love the fabric you used on this dress 🙂

  3. Such a pretty dress! That shimmery linen is so nice! I’d definitely ration it out as well 😉

  4. This is just so lovely! I adore the color on her. It’s super sweet. Beautiful work!

  5. Cute! Love the button and the pocket shape. Shimmery linen….that’s fun. =) And I’d get a good laugh if I heard a little girl actually say ‘Egads!’ =)

  6. beautiful dress and very adorable girls you have:) a quick question, I ordered the pattern and can not figure out what size to cut. Most patterns give me idea with chest and length measurements but those details are not on the pattern that I can find.
    My girls wear 5/6 (skinny and tall) . What size is Sadie’s “normal” size?
    I fear that this pattern will not be large enough for my girls just by looking at the pattern pieces after I printed them;( Any help would be appreciated thanks.

  7. So beautiful… Want something like that for me…
    You always choose amazing fabrics!

  8. I love that style of pocket, too! What a pretty dress and girl!

  9. Really, really beautiful dress. I love the fabrics and the size/style is perfect

  10. Super cute!!! The fun buttons always make it! 🙂

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