han solo hemlock tee

the old school star wars films are my favorites. we grew up having marathons as a family-all spread out on the floor, eating popcorn. Han was always my favorite guy-that scoundrel! I loved the romance between he and Leia...he's such a scruffy-looking nerf herder but you can't help love him. I even dressed up as him one year for Halloween! So … [Read more...]

vintage may: striped shirt dress

Well helloooo there! So lovely to see you again. Welcome back for the second week of Vintage May! This week Kristin and I both sewed something for ourselves! and it was FUN. My first attempt gone awry, I scoured my shelves and found this book, (affiliate link) sent to me awhile ago from a publisher. PERFECT right? I flipped through the pages … [Read more...]


I am SO excited to be a part of STYLO's second issue! It's so inspiring and just full of sewing eye candy. Make sure you check it out-and keep your eyes open for my spread! I had a blast sewing and shooting this outfit. All the pattern & fabric sources are in the mag! and a few pics from our first photo shoot that didn't go so … [Read more...]

vintage may: little wanderers

Vintage May is here, ladies! (and maybe a few gents? my dad at least. ;) We are starting with a bang! Since I was up visiting K and company last weekend, we planned a shoot with BOTH girls and coordinated...accordingly. After a rough start (Sadie and I butting heads, what's new), we got some gems! Both Kristin and I were snapping away trying to … [Read more...]

lace top and deer leggings

It seems that the Nessie and Go To Leggings are my favorite pairing of late. especially for kids-so comfy and easy to wear. I made this set for a friend, so no pics on a kiddo...sad day right? The tee I made with LACE sleeves and used it for the binding and pocket as well. You might recognize the lace from this dress, and you might recognize … [Read more...]

lulu dress and top pattern

I am so thrilled to release another pattern into the wild today! Introducing:   It's a very versatile pattern-and bonus-it's QUICK to sew up! I know I have had too much fun sewing up a whole slew of Lulus!   I am really excited that this is my first pattern using diagrams instead of tutorial pictures. Hopefully this helps make … [Read more...]

Nessies and Geraniums and Baprons-OH MY!

I had a baby shower a few weeks ago for an old friend-well she's not old, just...well you know.  I've known her forevers. Anyways, she's having her first baby-(a girl!) so I knew I wanted to shower her with homemade goodies. She's got amazing style so I tried to pick fabrics out that were stylin'...haha who knows if I succeeded but I … [Read more...]

Charlotte’s plaid lizzy dress

Yay! one more Easter dress down, one to go! I'm waiting on some very special fabric for that one, hope it comes in time!  So let's talk about this one, shall we? I guess Charlotte got one more thing made for her during Kids Clothes Week! I grabbed this lightweight plaid fabric from Hancocks (same time I got Sadie's swiss dot), and thought it would … [Read more...]

KCW: liberty heart Nessie top

One more project for KCW that's been on my list for awhile-I really wanted to make a Nessie sweatshirt with a liberty heart on the front. So I did it. Can I get a huzzah for crossing things off your list!? *huzzah!* Anyways. It's SUPER cozy. Sadie wasn't thrilled about our photo shoot which was in the morning when it was still a little chilly. … [Read more...]

KCW: grey and mint bimaa sweater

Mint and grey-another color grey goes well with! (it's a great neutral wouldn't you say?) I just had to make another Bimaa sweater after my first one. Sadie doesn't wear it, sadly. She doesn't like the cowl very much. boo! But Charlotte has worn it, I'm just waiting til it fits a bit better before I let her wear it out of the house.  I must admit I … [Read more...]