Toy Story Halloween 2017

I know it's been a minute since last year's Halloween, but I realized I never blogged it, so I had to add it here for posterity and all! Rory as Ken: all thrifted, except the wig from Amazon! Jess as Barbie: thrifted and Amazon as well! Ava as Slinky Dog: furry pj's from Amazon, and I added handmade details. Charlotte as Bo Peep: handmade dress … [Read more...]

wizard of Oz halloween 2016

After my last post I also realized I've been slacking for quite awhile with costume posts! I think it was because I wasn't making them all from scratch and I thought that didn't qualify them for the blog? whatever past me felt, present me would like to have a record here about them! Even if I only made parts of them! So first off, Rory and I. Rory … [Read more...]

powerpuff girls halloween 2015

Ok so forgive me for only have one iphone picture of these costumes! I was pregnant with Jack and was pretty much phoning it in. The girls' dresses I made with some knit from Joanns, color blocked with the appropriate colors, didn't finish any hems or anything! lol! I made Sadie's red bow from felt, and bought Charlotte's and Rory's wigs on … [Read more...]

Elsa frozen costume

So I mentioned that Sadie called being Elsa for Halloween, right? It was mainly because she already had the dress. Oh and yes she's obsessed with Elsa just like almost every little girl in America. When we headed up to visit Kristin in May, it happened to coincide with Em's birthday, which was Frozen themed! So I had to make Sadie a dress to … [Read more...]

olaf costume

You've already seen Anna.... so the second part of the Frozen gang is, of course, Olaf the snowman! (er, snowtoddler) Sadie and Charlotte were insistent that Ava be Olaf for Halloween, and since she's not even 2, of course she was game. the first time I put it on her she freaked out actually, didn't like it at all. the second time, luckily, she … [Read more...]

Anna from frozen-halloween costume

So my kids are being super duper original. They are going as Frozen characters. I know, I know. However did we come up with the idea? ahem. warning: tons of pics ahead. So, Miss C is obviously...Anna! Sadie claimed Elsa way back in May when I made her dress (which I need to post still). Ava is probably going to be Olaf. The fabrics are … [Read more...]

the princess bride film petit

  Guys I can't tell you how psyched I am to be a part of Film Petit this month! I've been begging asking the gals when my turn would be for years months. If you’re new to Film Petit, it’s an ongoing sewing series hosted by Kristin from Skirt as Top and Jessica from A Little Gray where they pick a favorite movie and sew an outfit (or two) inspired … [Read more...]

Our Neverland crew

This year for our Halloween costumes, we went with Peter Pan/Neverland characters! (these pics are from our church party/trunk or treat) I had to cross dress again (but weren't most Peter Pan actors women for awhile, anyways?), but I'll gladly let my little gals take the girl parts of any ensemble. And before you think I forced any of them into … [Read more...]