the Nessie top-variations

lace nessie top by craftiness is not optional

I’m back with the Nessie top variations! I’m in love LOVE LOVE with this color-blocked lace tee. I needs one for myself. Ms. C rocks it pretty well though, right? She and Sadie are almost the same size in shirts these days…lol. So this variation is simple but oh so cute. and very very easy, did I mention it’s easy?

lace nessie top close up  craftiness is not optional

34 sleeve nessie  craftiness is not optional

color blocked nessie by craftiness is not optional

roar! craftiness is not optional

Channeling Katy Perry in this shot. RoooOOARR!




The other variation is my fave! A peter pan collar! which you can do in knit or lightweight woven fabrics. It’s also quite easy to sew up and is a fun way to pattern mix or use some scraps of hoarded material.  It also looks adorable with a few buttons added below the collar, or a bow, maybe?!

I’m hoping to get this pattern out in the next week…wish me luck!

nessie peter pan collar by craftiness is not optional

peter pan close up craftiness is not optional

peter pan collar nessie top  craftiness is not optional

short sleeve nessie by craftiness is not optional


  1. Your girls are so sweet.

  2. I noticed this in yesterdays post–Sadie is not looking like a baby anymore mom! Her face has changed and I saw a young girl! A very pretty young girl 🙂 Beware….I have two girls who are now going from young girl to pre–teen/teen! Ouch! At least you have a very young one still–and what a doll! Oh, and cute tops too!

  3. Love the Peter Pan collar!

  4. Jess, I love the top, as I do everything you make…but Ugh. Your girls make me want little girls sooo bad.

    Let me say, (and hopefully without sounding creepy… It always feels like you.know someone when you read so much about them for years….) That miss Sadie is really looking grown lately! You can see so clearly the penchant beauty she’ll be as a teen an adult. And little Miss C! Ooh she is loving the camera and looking downright feisty lately! Lol Does Sadie look older in recent pictures because you’ve been styling her hair down more for what we will see, or has she just changed a lot recently? They both just adorable and gorgeous.

    My niece, doodlebug, favors Sadie quite a bit. That almost Precious Moments face. 🙂 I’m glad I have a boy. Y’all with these pretty, spirited girls are in so much trouble later. Lol

    • Hehe oh! I just saw Kristin noticed it, too. I feel less creepy stalker now. Lol!

    • aw thanks so much! Obviously I agree with you…lol! Sadie is growing up a lot lately which is exciting and scary at the same time! She has sprouted up and her face is definitely becoming a little girls, not so toddlerish anymore!

  5. sooooooo excited for this pattern! eek!

  6. I may have to get this one… Big sigh. Charlottes face really gets me!… Im not a peter pan collar person but love this one!

  7. Those are adorable! And the little girls modeling them… I think your daughters get cuter every time I see a photo of them. =)

  8. Such delightful variations and photos! I love the colors and fabric combinations you used!

  9. Oh my those little girls are so adorable. I love the top too : ) very sweet, cute with the buttons and collar

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