white ballet sweaters

velvet ballet sweater sewn by craftiness is not optional

So the girls have been a bit chilly lately at ballet class. They have class in a large, slightly drafty room, and were in need of either some long sleeved leotards or sweaters. And since well duh I like to sew, and I had some lovely stretch velvet in my stash just begging to be ballet sweaters, well…ya’ll can see where this is going. I had seen the Heidi and Finn ballet sweater a few times so knew I wanted to use that pattern. It was such a quick sew! I had them both sewn up in a night-probably about 2-3 hours, including printing and piece the pattern. I did leave off the ties since I knew that would just lead to irritation on their (and my) part while quickly trying to get them ready and in their ballet shoes before class. (which are missing in these pics because we left them in the car and I was lazy)

ballet sweater sewn by craftiness is not optional

I got the knit velvet-esque fabric at Hancocks fabric when Kristin and I went in October. I had I think a yard, maybe a yard and a half, and eeked out a size 5 and 3T, mostly by omitting the ties, I’m sure. It was close! I had like a 12×12 piece of fabric left. phew! I like the sizing, but I had to hem up the sleeves a good few inches, which I understand since kids have such different arm lengths.

white velvet ballet sweater sewn by craftiness is not optional

Also the band around the neck is tucked under in these pics but it usually lies flat.

white ballet sweater sewn by craftiness is not optional

The girls are in love with them and they got a lot of  “oh how cute!’s” and “they match!” from the moms (and girls-the older ones all seem to be drawn to Charlotte lol) at ballet class.

c's ballet sweater sewn by craftiness is not optional

Speaking of Miss C-here is her one picture where she wasn’t crying or whining. She is SO hard to get pictures of lately! So please give me a round of applause for getting this one.

No, seriously.


  1. Oh my cuteness! The hubs has vetoed dancing for our ballerina…pretty sure I can work on him if I put her in this gorgeousness!

  2. Oooh, how sweet!

  3. The photos are great, The ballet sweaters are so cute. Beautiful.

  4. Oh, so cute!! Thank you for sharing… I hadn’t heard of that pattern before, but now it is added to my must-buy-and-sew list 🙂

  5. Miss C is adorable and I love your perfect solution to keep her comfortably warm during her ballet classes. The style reminds me of my daughter’s favorite knitted top at the same age.

  6. Great, I love it, exactly the pattern I was looking for, for my own ballerina ! thanks for sharring !

  7. Super sweet sweaters! I also find it really hard to take pics of my son waring the clothes I sew for him… he is Ava’s age but he doesnt stay still for mor then a split second…

  8. Oh my goodness! SO darling!

  9. I’ve seen these sweaters around and they are super cute. I love this version without the ties! Did you just sew the sides together instead or is there another closure? Or does the original pattern just have the ties as decoration?

  10. oh my goodness…look how grown up they are both looking!

  11. Those are darling! And made from stretch velvet? Luxurious. =)

  12. charlotte has gotten so big, i mistook her for sadie! they both look so cute in the sweaters 🙂

  13. oh look at those two ballerina cuties! Em probably needs one of these, though i doubt she’d ever leave it on during class. :/ by the way, she thinks Sadie is coming to visit, like, this weekend. i keep trying to tell her we haven’t planned anything yet, but she has been bringing it up a lot lately! so i guess we should plan it soon??

    • haha so does Sadie! She thought Em was coming down for the Film Petit pics because I mentioned she was dressing as the same character. Yes we should plan it out! text ya soon. 😉

  14. Sara Speight says

    I have used this pattern to make cardigans for ballet class too – highly recommend it!

  15. Perfect timing! I was looking for a ballet sweater pattern without ties for my 3 year old! They look fantastic!

  16. I am in love with this cute little sweater!!!
    I also so think the model is very cute !!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. These turned out beautifully! And these pictures are so sweet!!

  18. I have been flip flopping between this pattern and the one by Candy Castle. Cute!

  19. Ow, so cute! I’ve got this pattern as well, now I’m sure I must make it asap for my own ballerina…


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