buffalo plaid geranium-with new expansion pack!

I feel like me and the Geranium pattern are best buds. We've been through it all....cap sleeves, flutter, color blocking, many, many, dresses, hacking a circle skirt, Princess Bride costumes, Anna costume, tops, baby gifts...you name it almost, I've made it with the help of my trusty favorite dress pattern EVER. It's been my go to ever since Ava … [Read more...]

striped coral dress

Ok, so this dress is probably my favorite of the three Easter dresses! I just love a good play on stripes! I got this white and coral striped fabric ages ago-at Hobby Lobby maybe? I played around with my old 5 and 10 Designs bodice but it pretty much ended up being a Geranium dress with the bodice lengthened and cap sleeve option, if you need a … [Read more...]

simple floral dress

Sadie's Easter dress turned out just how I imagined! This floral cotton and steel/rifle paper co fabric really needed to shine, so I kept it SIMPLE! I used a simple bodice pattern-the same thing could be replicated with the Geranium Pattern, bodice lengthened. I made the skirt panels extra wide so it would gather up beautifully and be OH so … [Read more...]

white and gold dress

Here we go with the Easter dress posts! Are you surprised I made them this year? yeah me too. I'm also showing you the last dress I made first, so it's all over the place here folks. Welcome to my life. snort. This kraken. I swear. She does all her poses. The only ones that were suggested by me are the basic shots. Everything else is ALL … [Read more...]

a lumberJACK first birthday party

My first boy party folks! Well, for my own boy! I've helped with a few of my friends parties but it's so fun to do my own son's! I figured, with the name Jack I HAD to do a lumberJACK party!! I had so much fun with this theme, and I decided on the theme before last Christmas, so I was able to collect lots of buffalo plaid items, since it was so … [Read more...]

sweet shoppe birthday party

Sometimes I let my party posts go for months and months, and sometimes I can't wait to post them! Jack's is ready to be blogged, so I thought I had better blog Ava's from last year. HAHA. The reason I wasn't chomping at the bit to blog it is because we had to have it inside and the pictures are not the best. I know, picture snob alert! But I did … [Read more...]

lumberJACK photo shoot

  Our little Jack is turning ONE next week! How did that happen? anyway...I chose a lumberJACK party for him because how could I not? it's a perfect theme for his name! I decided to do a little photo shoot and display some of the photos at the party, so here are the best shots! I threw it together so it's kinda random, but I love how some … [Read more...]

mauve floral kensington dress

If ever I could literally, physically, swoon over a fabric, it would probably be this one. Double brushed jersey knit is the stuff of dreams, peeps. The hand is incredible, and it's buttery soft and so easy to sew with! I am almost regretting sewing something for Sadie out of it instead of being selfish and either hoarding it or sleeping with it … [Read more...]

sadie’s floral baptism luncheon

Sadie turned eight last year and was baptized into our church! I had a great time planning her baptism luncheon that we hosted at our home, lucky girl she basically got 2 birthday parties! We decided on a coral ombre theme with touches of gold, kraft paper, and floral! see her baptism dress here! I used some of the new Rifle Paper Co by Cotton … [Read more...]

russian piping tips

I just made this sweet cake for a church activity (kinda went overboard on the flowers, I know), with my brand new Russian piping tips Rory got me for Christmas! (that I added to my Amazon wishlist, and then sent him the link to, let's be real) The set I got has SOO many options-you can see all the different varieties in the pictures, I believe. … [Read more...]