If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been redecorating the dollhouse!

  An refresh has been needed for awhile, the girls have been really good with it in general but have broken or lost some things, and it just needed an update. I knew I’d want to update it every so often because I love making miniatures so much, so I decided it was time! I’m doing it really cheaply by using things I have around the house, and making new furniture. Something I have discovered I LOVE doing is making plants for the dollhouse! So I thought I’d share my ideas and materials I’ve used!


All of these items I found around my house-and I’ll go into more detail about what I used for each one below.

Don’t they look so sweet all lined up in a row?

All I used were random lids and beads and things I had in my craft room already! Get creative and look at things differently that you might throw away!

If you’re like me, you have a lot of the fake stuff (greenery) around your house. (I have a bit of a black thumb) If you have a green thumb, you might need to take a trip to Michaels or Joann for some fake greenery! A little goes a long way though.

For all the greenery, I basically walked around my house and snipped a little off of each little bush/plant. You can’t tell anything is missing, and you only need a teeny bit!


Ok, let’s go left to right…the yellow flower thingy I made with a piece snipped off some fake flowers I have in my home, and then hot glued into a wooden bead. Same for the mini bead, just with some smaller succulent looking pieces. The next plant I made with a dry shampoo lid, covered with corkboard scrapbook paper! I put a foam piece in the middle (colored with a brown marker), then poke holes in the foam and stick my faux greenery in.


The silver “pot” is a lid from Rory’s old aftershave! Again, just snipped off a bit of succulent from a faux plant and glued it in!

The faux billy buttons were made with some fuzzy yellow faux flowers, floral wire, a bead, and a washer, all glued together!

The black pot was one I had from the first dollhouse remodel, and I just repainted it and glued in some greenery.


The next one I guess I didn’t get a good shot of, but it’s an empty lip gloss container that I wrapped in twine, then did the whole foam/faux greenery thing! tada!

The white pot is supposed to look like those popular snake plants…or whatever they’re called! hehe. They are just some faux leaves from some random flowers I had.


It’s super easy and cheap to make adorable dollhouse plants, all you need to do is raid your faux plants around the house, and your bathroom for lids, etc…and you’ve got the makings of a beautiful grove of faux, tiny, plants!


  1. Omg. These are so cute! I’m renovating a dollhouse that I found at goodwill.

  2. Colette Tervort says

    clever! Thank you for sharing your ideas, I have none of my own.

  3. Abigail Cherrry says

    thanks for all your awesome dollhouse ideas! I am making my own dollhouse and really appreciate this post and the other dollhouse posts!

  4. Too too cute! Will have to remember this for when I renovate my old doll house for my daughter, I can’t wait!
    Btw, where do you find fake billy buttons? I’m wanting some in a bad way!

    • the little yellow puffs were off of a fake plant I had on hand! I’m sure you could use mini pompoms glued to wire too!

  5. These are adorable! My daughter doesn’t play with her dollhouse anymore but maybe these would bring her back to playing with it! 😉

    Ursula : {modern diys and home decor inspo}

  6. Carolyna says

    Imaginably brilliant!


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