Pediatric Cancer awareness month

I'll get back to sewing later this week....I have an important thing to talk about today though... September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. We NEED to be more aware. You may remember my post about Jennifer. (LOVE4JLK) writing this post has me in tears again. It's been half a year since she passed away. Sadie and I talk about her … [Read more...]

lulu top hack (mini tutorial)

I was lazing sitting around in my sewing room one day thinking about my next project and spotted this thrifted turtleneck shirt that I have had for years...I always loved the pattern but for some reason never cut it up to make anything. WELL, that was about to end! I had my Lulu pattern printed off and on my cutting table, so I quickly sewed up … [Read more...]

a trio of union st. tees

I'm so psyched about these tees I have to share with you today. For one, they're awesome (more oh so much more on that later), for (two?)I got to try my friend Adrianna's new pattern, the Union St. Tee, and for three, I made a v neck tee! (confession, I had never done that before now.) I didn't really care for v-neck tees until I read that … [Read more...]


UPDATE BELOW It's been a very sad few weeks. I've been trying to write this post in my head for awhile now. I never know quite how to say it. Let's start with the basics. Sadie attended preschool last year with a special little girl, Jennifer. They played and learned together at school, and Sadie adored her. They share the same middle name, … [Read more...]

Best of 2013

|| crochet bows || geranium dress || mustard dress || bear hat || || bimaa || deer party cookies || another geranium || triangle baby quilt || || ballerine de corail project run and play || 5 and 10 designs dress || chevron project run and play || KCW outfit || || baby toms || 5 and 10 designs || knit top || nessie top I love looking back over … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a happy and safe holiday. I'll be taking it easy over the next little while-but I do have some projects to show ya so check back in! Also, if you're wondering why I haven't posted Sadie's Christmas dress yet-well that's because I didn't make it. GASP! haha. She wore the little red dress shown in these pics-from … [Read more...]

gift guide for guys (that are hard to buy for)ard to buy for)

Do any of you have a guy in your life that is really hard to buy for? I do. Rory has a few hobbies, (ok one-video games), and so finding him gifts that he'll appreciate is hard sometimes. But, he does appreciate the necessities as gifts, luckily. So, when Kohls asked me if I'd be a part of the Gift Guide for Guys (say that five times fast), I … [Read more...]

simple sewing book project: felt and fabric play camera (and a giveaway!)

I am so, so excited today to share with you this fabulous new sewing book and felt and fabric play camera that Sadie and I made together! The author of this book is the fabulous Katie Lewis from The Red Kitchen, and her book is called Simple Sewing-30 Fast and Easy Projects for Beginners.  (affiliate link) Katie is super awesome. Super sweet, … [Read more...]

little deer first birthday party

Our "deer" little Ava is turning one! Yikesabee. I cannot believe it. Literally. We love our little girl so, so much. She has been the sweetest, most agreeable baby yet...and loves to snuggle, EAT (she is our chubby baby and I LOVE it), play with her sisters, and climb all over us when we lay on the ground. hahahahaha. SOBSOB my baby is growing up! … [Read more...]

skirt as top stops by

A few weeks ago, an event of epic proportions took place. Planets aligned, the fates was a long time coming. (I may be playing this up a little, but really. It was that exciting!) My good friend Kristin (Skirt as Top) and I finally got to meet in real life! woot woot! We had planned on meeting up at Sewing Summit last month, but that … [Read more...]