simple sewing book project: felt and fabric play camera (and a giveaway!)

I am so, so excited today to share with you this fabulous new sewing book and felt and fabric play camera that Sadie and I made together! The author of this book is the fabulous Katie Lewis from The Red Kitchen, and her book is called Simple Sewing-30 Fast and Easy Projects for Beginners.  (affiliate link) Katie is super awesome. Super sweet, … [Read more...]

one of a kind artwork

Recently my good friend Katie's husband did some portraits of the girls for me. Yeah he just whipped them up, no biggie. lol.What talent! I sent him the pictures, and within a few days I had a picture of the finished product in my in-box. They both turned out gorgeous! I love the solid colored background, it adds a modern and clean touch. I of … [Read more...]

wee little violin bag

I made Sadie a little bag for her "violin" the other day. She's starting with some "lessons" with my mom this week, and she's so excited! (My sibs and I all played the violin-Suzuki method-at one point in our "youth"*)*enough quotations, I know! I am such a nerd. No tutorial for this one, because I doubt anyone else has need for a fake violin bag. … [Read more...]

peasant tops galore! and a funny pic contest.

Ready for a barrage of peasant tops? Shield yourself! uh...anyways.I am SOO happy to be back! It was a blast having all those lovely knock off guests over to visit, but I sure missed you guys! (here's where you say: we missed you too, Jess!)  On to the sewing! You'd better believe I've been busy!These peasant shirts were some of the first clothing … [Read more...]

the girls’ Easter dresses

Pardon the interruption of the Sincerest Form of Flattery! Just call this an intermission of sorts. ;)I've given up on the nice pictures of the girls modeling their dresses least in the same frame. Thank goodness for photo editing...anywho! Here are the girls' Easter dresses. First up for the rundown is Sadie's dress! Hers didn't … [Read more...]

nicey jane skirt and the dreaded training of the potty.

Sometimes it's nice to just sew something easy, with no thought involved. (well, minimal)Like a skirt-this literally about 20 minutes start to finish.I had this scrap of Nicey Jane from Anna begging to be made into a skirt-it was the perfect size, no cutting required. Awesome. Added some vintage trim along the bottom gifted to me by my … [Read more...]

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to our Sadie-boo. We love you! birth one year old TWO?! … [Read more...]

sadie’s ice cream shoppe birthday

soo...this is what I got when I asked Sadie to show me how old she was. after a bit of coaching, she figured it out! tutorial for her dress found here. Sadie's (almost) two! Her birthday's not until next week, but we celebrated early cause my sister stole borrowed that day for her wedding. lol. love you Joanna. welcome to … [Read more...]

i can’t wait….

  i can't get to know you and your personality. (check out the dimple!) i can't wait....for you to discover your hands...feet...toes. i can't wait....for the first time you can hold someone's hand on your own. i can't wait....for you two to become best friends and sister soul mates.  no pressure though. i can't wait....til you … [Read more...]

silly girl

When I get Sadie up from her nap, I usually lay Charlotte down on her toddler bed while changing her Majesty's pooeyness.After THAT fun tradition is over, Sadie loves sitting next to her and chatting it up. The other day, I went to grab something from the other room, and came back to a guilty look. "What are you doing?" I asked, thinking she was … [Read more...]