lulu top hack (mini tutorial)

lulu top hack

I was lazing sitting around in my sewing room one day thinking about my next project and spotted this thrifted turtleneck shirt that I have had for years…I always loved the pattern but for some reason never cut it up to make anything.

WELL, that was about to end!

I had my Lulu pattern printed off and on my cutting table, so I quickly sewed up this Lulu hack-which turned into a pretty cute, wearable top for Sadie.

lulu top hack

lulu top hack

Here’s how I did it!

lulu top hack \\ craftiness is not optional

I love seeing a good “before”, don’t you? So here’s what I was working with-plenty of fabric!

 lulu top hack \\ craftiness is not optional

I found the center of the shirt, and the sides weren’t that far off-so I decided on the length I wanted, then cut out the top part of the lulu-leaving the sides and hem intact.

I cut them both with the back neckline, then pulled one side away and cut the front neckline with the other pattern piece.

lulu top hack \\ craftiness is not optional

I simply sewed up the extra room on the sides like so, then trimmed them back (serged actually), before folding the cap sleeves under and topstitching with a double needle.

You may need to take in the sides again after this step-I did. Gotta love sewing by the seat of your pants! or whatever that saying is.

(in hindsight I should have used the method used in my lulu pattern-same as the neckbands, just around the armholes-but I was feeling particularly lazy (as I mentioned before lol) that day.)

Sewed in the neckband and shoulders together first, of course.

lulu top hack \\ craftiness is not optional

It was practically done at this point, so then I drew some lines to follow with disappearing ink and used some elastic thread to shir up the waist! (oh, actually this pic is before hemming the sleeves. haha)

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

lulu top hack


  1. That is really cute! I saw this exact turtleneck at a thrift store quite a while ago and almost bought it…. I wish I had now!

  2. Hideous turtleneck = adorable top! Cute!

  3. Oh that shirred waist looks so cute!! I’ve got the lulu pattern but still haven’t made it! 🙁 love this shirred version.

  4. wow – super cute! I love a good upcycle – and this one is great:)

  5. This is such a cute little tunic top! Wow, I would have never thought to use a thrifted top like that.

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