simple sewing book project: felt and fabric play camera (and a giveaway!)

I am so, so excited today to share with you this fabulous new sewing book and felt and fabric play camera that Sadie and I made together! The author of this book is the fabulous Katie Lewis from The Red Kitchen, and her book is called Simple Sewing-30 Fast and Easy Projects for Beginners.  (affiliate link) Katie is super awesome. Super sweet, … [Read more...]

bear/doll carriers

**Just so you don't think I'm some sort of Supermom, most of the projects I'm posting in the next few weeks were made before I had Ava. Just wanted to clear that up. We have lots of junk all over our floors and laundry to be folded over here. (and a baby to be snuggled so it's not all bad!) Not much sewing going on! ;) I got my hands on a copy … [Read more...]

paint chip matching game tutorial

Hey guys! Head over to Crafting in my Closet today for the quick how to for this super easy and fun to play with clothespin and paint chip game!  I've known Teresa for a long time (pre-marriage and kids lol those were the days....), so I am soo excited to be on her blog today with a fun (and really really easy) craft to make for your kiddos to keep … [Read more...]

Little Ladybug Softie tutorial

I made this wee little Ladybug softie for Sadie Charlotte whoever got it first yesterday! Of course, I whipped out my Go! Baby cutter (affiliate link) to cut the sah-weet (and so easy!) circles for the project. I don't know about you, but no matter how hard I try to hand-cut out circles perfectly, it never is meant to be.  There's always a … [Read more...]

guest post: Viewfinder pouch

This project might look familiar to you long time readers (hi, Mom)-I made one last summer for Sadie and promised a tutorial. it is! Almost a year later. Better late than never? Make sure and hop on over to Liberate Creativity to see the tutorial! And also reposted here: I have a fun little project to share … [Read more...]

a new robot pal and giveaway!

Hello everyone!Meet Mommy the Robot. (that's what Sadie named her....she seems to think I am a Isn't she cute? So stylin' with her cute mary janes and coordinating limbs. Say, would you like to be able to make a robot just like her? Cause you're in luck. ;) Chris from Pickup Some Creativity created the pattern that I used for … [Read more...]

random things

Post Edit:Fun news! I was chosen to compete on One Month to Win It! It's a new crafty competition blog and sounds like it's going to be fun! Can't wait to get started! Check it out here:  A little update on the Potty Training: yesterday Sadie did REALLY well! She got like 5 potty prizes for going in the potty. Woohoo! She is recognizing what it … [Read more...]

travel felt mat

 I spied this cute little tutorial for a travel felt play mat the other night while poking around blogland, and decided to make it right then and there. Don't you love projects like that? Easy, not needing too many supplies? That are fun and useful too? I haven't made too many shapes yet-but I will! I'm thinking about doing seasonal shapes and … [Read more...]

barbie knit top tutorial

Hello all! Here's the grand finale of Barbie® week! Please don't be intimidated by the knit fabric in this shirt-or the small seams. They're not as bad as they seem! (har har seem!?....ok I am REEAlly tired) Click below for more! You'll need: a piece of knit fabric-the thicker knits work better- I wouldn't use … [Read more...]

froufy barbie skirt tutorial

    I hope you've had as much fun with Barbie® week as I have! Here's one more fun skirt tutorial! Enjoy :) But please pardon the name of the skirt. (unless you have something better?) I spent 3 hours up with baby last night, trying to get her back to sleep. I'm pretty sure I sleep-ordered something on Ebay. … [Read more...]