girl charlee $40 gift certificate giveaway!

Hey fellow fabric lovers. I have got a fun giveaway for you today! From the amazing knit site we all know and love to give our money to, Girl Charlee!  They have some of the most fantabulistic awesomely cool knits around. (there I go, makin' up words again) Seriously, about 3/4 of my knit stash is from their shop! I always receive compliments on … [Read more...]

let’s still be friends!

 So you might have heard about Google Reader going kaput. Not cool, but we all have to roll with it now since it's going bye bye come July. next week. I'm such a procrastinator! So if you follow my blog using Google Reader, make sure that you subscribe another way so that you don't miss any of the fun stuff going on over here!  Aka … [Read more...]

currently….or happenings of late.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these pics already. If you don't...what the heck are you waiting for? :D My username is: craftinessisnotoptional.   So I've been trying to finish up the girls room...a new dresser (from Ikea, painted by me) and a new rug (from Urban Outfitters) helps brighten up the room! Now if I could … [Read more...]

shabby chic your tp dispenser-a tutorial

Ever sat there toilet paper dispenser sure is boring-looking? I have. The other day I decided to DO something about it rather than sit around wishing it were prettier. So I grabbed a plain wooden one from the hardware store, tore some strips of fabric, grabbed some embellishments. and my glue gun, and went to town! I LOOOVE how it … [Read more...]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! He is Risen. Have a wonderful day! p.s. How did I end up holding two of them? No fair. … [Read more...]


Just wanted to let you know about a big Destash Bash going on right now with other sewing bloggers! I've got some bundles listed in my shop-but hurry! They're going fast-though I'm planning on adding more this afternoon, so keep checking back!Also make sure to take a look at the Destash Bash Facebook album for pic of all the listings together! :) … [Read more...]

Best of 2012

1. The Coraline dress 2. Elephant dress 3. Newborn pics of Ava 4. Sweet & Sassy dress 5. Christmas cookies 6. Last minute skirt 7. Sadie's under the sea party cake 8. Bentos galore! 9. Teal bow leggings 10. Hot air balloon mobile 11. Felt Dahlia pin 12. Blue ice cream shirt 13. Pretty peasant blouse 14. Striped shirt 15. Nursery projects galore! … [Read more...]

a day of silence

[Read more...]

Disneyland, attempted robbery, and a teensy bit of sewing.

We spent half of last week in Disneyland! woot! We love that place, too much sometimes....we had an awesome family reunion with my family and I think everyone had a blast! Even I did, hauling around my 33 week belly in 90+ degree weather and 100 million percent humidity. (or so it seemed) The girls of course loved their favorite rides...Small … [Read more...]

my summers-guest post for Kristen Duke

Hey guys! Head over to Kristen Duke Photography (who I got to meet in real life at SNAP-she is such a sweetie!) to read all about my summers spent camping with my family.The answer to the question you're all asking yourself is: yes, you will see more awesome outfits like this one.Don't be jealous. … [Read more...]