so far…

Charlotte hates baths.......looks cute in headbands...(look for a tutorial soon!)...and she has this girl totally confused.Poor thing. The Sadester just doesn't understand why mommy can't dote on her anymore! I can only partially dote on her these days. But really. We've been doing pretty good helps that Charlotte sleeps. A LOT. just … [Read more...]

summery top

Another tank top...are you sick of them yet? A little tunic top...a tad wide in the one I make will have to be a bit slimmer. I know, this girl has a ton of clothes, I just have a bunch of fabric that I want to use, so oh well! (Plus, I'm a bit addicted, if you haven't noticed) I love the little pockets. (Sadie filled them with … [Read more...]

nature bracelets

Got masking tape?A sidewalk nearby?With leaves or flowers on the ground? Then you too, can make super cool nature bracelets like Sadie and I did the other day. I don't remember where I first saw this idea, but luckily it popped into my head the other day when I was trying to think of something to do. It was a gorgeous morning, so I didn't want to … [Read more...]

getting ready

We are in the home stretch for baby #2! A little more than 8 weeks and counting. Rory is good about reminding me to get things buying newborn diapers (oh my gosh...are they REALLY that tiny? I'd forgotten), washing and sorting the 0-3 month clothes, etc....I'm more about the crafting! lol. Like these big sis/lil' sis shirts I made for … [Read more...]

s’more please mommy?

The other night after Rory left for Scouts (his job at church), I decided to make some S'mores bars...and Sadie wanted to help. I got her toy hammer and let her go to town on the graham crackers.She did not quite make it "to town", but she had fun snacking on graham crackers and banging the hammer around. Later...I got the marshmallows out, and … [Read more...]


For the past, I don't know...few months or so...every time I went to make dinner, Sadie suddenly turned into what I like to call "The Clingster". She wanted to be held, she wanted my undivided attention, basically wanted be in the middle of everything! (I'm sure none of your kids do this, right? haha) It makes getting dinner made a challenge!I … [Read more...]


Sadie has become so independent lately. We went to the park on Sunday and she just did her own thing, walking around the park while we followed her around like puppy dogs. It was cute, don't get me wrong. She is a funny little thing.and look how long her hair is getting! I love it. She won't let me touch it most days though. We haven't done … [Read more...]

sour girl

This girl loves her sour. This lemon had a little hole where the stem had been (we picked it ourselves from a friends tree), and Sadie's little finger found it's way in......and to her mouth. She spent the whole ride home doing this and would've kept it up during lunch, but she was pretty tired and instead almost fell asleep at her highchair. huh. … [Read more...]


I know they're not the neatest braids (I'd like to see someone else do better with Ms. Squirmy), but they're BRAIDS! I love them. … [Read more...]


I call this one "Rejection of the Teddy Grahams."and this one: "Enjoyment of the Teddy Grahams after I realize I DO like them" … [Read more...]