sadie’s ice cream shoppe birthday

ice cream shoppe birthday party
soo…this is what I got when I asked Sadie to show me how old she was.
after a bit of coaching, she figured it out!

tutorial for her dress found here.
Sadie’s (almost) two! Her birthday’s not until next week, but we celebrated early cause my sister stole borrowed that day for her wedding. lol. love you Joanna.

welcome to sadie’s ice cream shoppe!
complete with balloons…
and pom poms of course.
and a coloring table for the kiddos.
and of course, all the toppings you could want!

it wouldn’t be an ice cream birthday party without a ice cream cone cake!
with some birthday wishes.
and some cheery flowers.
going with the pink theme…pink lemonade!
and water bottles wrapped in some cute paper.
gotta have ice cream bubbles for your guests.
my family has a bad habit of popping into the back of photos. (JORDAN) there’s my cute mom in the back, and my cute sisters and my cute baby. and my cute brother who likes to pop into pictures. Joanna (on the right) is getting married next week!
dig right in! this crowd knows how to partay!
if sugar is involved, everything’s better.
this picture is mostly to show Charlotte’s support of her sister’s birthday theme. and her cute crying face. har har.
present time! Sadie loved all her presents. Especially her Cinderella barbie!
check out the cute ice cream cone card my sister Julia made her. She’s a little crafter in training!
her expression in this picture makes me laugh. money’s fun too, Sadie!
She got a bubble blower -that was a hit!
so was my parents trampoline. Thanks for letting us use your place!
she loved getting sung to, and then tried her hardest to blow out the candles.
In the end, mom and Grandpa had to step in to get the job done. we were sneaky about it though. She didn’t suspect a thing.
yummy cake. I use this recipe, and it’s never let me down!
a happy birthday girl=a happy mom. can’t believe she’s two! (almost)
Kudos to you if you made it this far! you must be family, or very bored. har har. just kidding. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. how cute she is one of the cutest girls i’ve ever seen happy birthday


  2. Happy Birthday, Sadie!!
    Hugs from Rio!

  3. What a sweet theme! Who doesn’t like ice cream? Love the stripe labels.

  4. Sounds like a birthday blast! I have so much fun following your blog – I feel like I know your little family better because of it! I am looking forward to you coming in a few weeks. I hope you can stay with us! See you soon!

  5. Happy birthday Sadie! I love the cake and Charlotte’s little outfit. It looks like it a was a great party!

  6. Super cute birthday party! I am in awe of your ability to plan a cohesive party. The task seems rather daunting to me. I’m not sure why. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. She’s so cute! What a fun party…I love all the little details. What a great mom you are!

    Can you believe that our baby girls are almost TWO?!!?

  8. Close enough to family ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Awww how adorable! Sadie looks like a little princess:)

  10. so very cute ideas !!! Zachariah turns one next month how time flies !!

  11. Happy Birthday little Sadie! Her scrunchy face in the first photo about made me cry from laughing. You and your Dad blowing out candles was priceless. Her party looked lovely. I am rather daunted about Phillip’s birthday party soon.

  12. What a fun birthday party! So was that you, Jess in the pink shirt? I’m not sure I’ve actually seen your photo! No wonder your girls are so pretty.

  13. what a cute party theme! I can’t wait to have kids and get to have fun parties like this one.

  14. Oh my gosh! You are Ah-mazing! Everything looks so great! I’m saving that cake recipe for later so I can try it. Though I could certainly go for a piece now!

  15. LOVE the theme!! Too cute! She looked adorable as always!

  16. What a cute party!! I loved the coloring table for the kids! GREAT idea! Might have to borrow that idea for Kadie’s birthday party that’s coming in a couple weeks!

  17. So, so cute. I love that cake. Okay so I pretty much loved everything.

  18. Thank you for bringing a smile to my day – what a gorgeous party! and a beautiful little daughter ๐Ÿ™‚ Great memories being created for all ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. So creative Jessica. Sadie looks so cute in her birthday dress. I love the picture of the 3 of you blowing out her candles.
    The cake turned out AWESOME! I will have to try that recipe. Sounds yummy.

  20. I love the theme and decorations! Great job – I didn’t realize our girls were born just days apart! Macie’s two tomorrow!

  21. What a cutie pie, great looking party, loved the cake!

  22. What a great FAMILY BDAY PARTY for SADE-STER!!! I can’t beleive she is two either!!! CRAZY!!! i love bdays! I love the theme you had too!!!

  23. very cute! That cake looks perfect, did you make it?

  24. Happy birthday Sadie.
    I love the ice-cream theme. I am so going to steal, I mean borrow that idea. xxx.

  25. It looks like the party was a big hit and what a great theme! Love it.

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