one of a kind artwork

Recently my good friend Katie's husband did some portraits of the girls for me. Yeah he just whipped them up, no biggie. lol.What talent! I sent him the pictures, and within a few days I had a picture of the finished product in my in-box. They both turned out gorgeous! I love the solid colored background, it adds a modern and clean touch. I of … [Read more...]

the vintage heirloom dress-a tutorial

Ok, so this photo shoot represents an occasion that's kind of a big deal.  Can you guess? Charlotte is walking! And thus, standing on her own, which makes taking photos so much more fun.  Love that dimple! Ok, enough gushing about my cutie pants girl, how's about that dress? I'm calling it the Vintage Heirloom dress, because: 1. It's made … [Read more...]

Charlotte’s "cute as a button" party

 We can all agree that Charlotte is cute, right? (not as cute as your kids, I know, but I digress...) So when I decided on the "cute as a button" theme I knew I could have some FUN with the details! So, fun I had. (a major THANK YOU to my wonderful in-laws who let me commandeer their home for the afternoon and evening! We had our wedding reception … [Read more...]

Itsy Photography shoot and giveaway!

Ok, get ready to freak out over the cuteness. Seriously. I took Charlotte to get her one year old pictures taken by the fantastic Ela of Itsy Photography this week, and it was great! She did a great job coaxing smiles out of Charlotte, and she was so professional and quick! (key with kiddos, lol) You may recognize Charlotte's shirt in this … [Read more...]

Mama Stellato pattern review and sale!

Ok, cute baby alert. May cause excessive nom nomming of cheekies. (well, just for me actually, you can't have her cheekies)  This sweet little dress doesn't hurt, eh? I whipped it up the other day...(I say that so nonchalantly but it really was that easy!)...using my sponsor Mama Stellato's Gracie Dress pattern. It was an easy pattern to follow-a … [Read more...]

cute as a button party dress

So, Charlotte's first birthday is almost upon us. GASP! I am shocked at how fast this first year went, much faster than it did with Sadie. I've (of course) already been in full party planning mode for her (and Sadie's) parties, and so decided to knock out her party dress early. The theme is "Cute as a Button". Cute right?! ( a … [Read more...]

red and teal jumper-KCWC

I guess I would feel like a bad mom if I only sewed Sadie things for my defense, Charlotte has a lot of hand me downs from Sadie...but still, she deserves some new things to call her own!  If anything, so that when she looks at the pictures from when she was little (aka this blog), she will know I meant well. Here's the proof, older … [Read more...]

peasant tops galore! and a funny pic contest.

Ready for a barrage of peasant tops? Shield yourself! uh...anyways.I am SOO happy to be back! It was a blast having all those lovely knock off guests over to visit, but I sure missed you guys! (here's where you say: we missed you too, Jess!)  On to the sewing! You'd better believe I've been busy!These peasant shirts were some of the first clothing … [Read more...]

the girls’ Easter dresses

Pardon the interruption of the Sincerest Form of Flattery! Just call this an intermission of sorts. ;)I've given up on the nice pictures of the girls modeling their dresses least in the same frame. Thank goodness for photo editing...anywho! Here are the girls' Easter dresses. First up for the rundown is Sadie's dress! Hers didn't … [Read more...]

ric rac dress for Charlotte

 Well, I had some of that lovely fabric leftover from Sadie's dress, so of course I had to make a little matchy-matchy dress for little sis Charlotte! I made it slightly similar (the sleeves and buttons) but a different style at least. It's basically a Charlotte dress with a Circle skirt attached. Pretty straight-forward! The headband is a tee … [Read more...]