...we are recovering from a week long trip up to western Idaho for a family reunion! We had four days of driving and three days of reunion, so you can imagine we are zonked. The kids did as well as could be expected and we had a ton of fun playing, talking with cousins, aunts and uncles, and being our own brand of weird together.  I did forget ALL … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to me (plus gifts for you!) (plus a live chat!)

***See the winner of the Violette Field Threads giveaway here!*** So I'll just come right out and say's my birthday on Tuesday!Isn't it awkward when it's your birthday and you're talking to someone who doesn't know you very well and you want to tell them it's your birthday but you don't want to sound all self centered but gosh darn it you … [Read more...]

back in the groove

Hey, all. How was your weekend? Mine was really fun.I had an awesome weekend with the gals-just hanging out, no schedule or plans. Stayed up LATE every night talking, slept in, played pool and group games, did some puzzles, finished The Hunger Games for the second time in 2 weeks...(4th time total....yes, I am obsessed! and if you haven't read … [Read more...]

random things

Post Edit:Fun news! I was chosen to compete on One Month to Win It! It's a new crafty competition blog and sounds like it's going to be fun! Can't wait to get started! Check it out here:  A little update on the Potty Training: yesterday Sadie did REALLY well! She got like 5 potty prizes for going in the potty. Woohoo! She is recognizing what it … [Read more...]

nicey jane skirt and the dreaded training of the potty.

Sometimes it's nice to just sew something easy, with no thought involved. (well, minimal)Like a skirt-this literally about 20 minutes start to finish.I had this scrap of Nicey Jane from Anna begging to be made into a skirt-it was the perfect size, no cutting required. Awesome. Added some vintage trim along the bottom gifted to me by my … [Read more...]

a thrifting I will go…and other things.

I was trying (very last minute) to think of a Valentine-sy post to put up-but....well couldn't think of anything....and I love thrifting, so this is what ya get today!  I have to say thanks again to my sister Julia for baby sitting while I ran to the store-you just can't miss those 50% off sales-and MUST go right when they open, which unfortunately … [Read more...]

it’s beginning to look alot like Christmas…

 ...or at least feel like it! It doesn't really ever LOOK like Christmas where we live in California. Sigh... Anyways...I am getting so excited for this holiday season!  I am working on some gifts...(but not too many) Thanks for all your nice comments about my stockings! I had a blast picking fabric and making them. :) I'm also working on a … [Read more...]

twenty six

Happy Birthday to me!  One year older and wiser (?)...I won't say anything about how old I'm getting, cause I tend to get a lot of flack whenever I do that. So I guess I'm not that old...but the other side of 25 feels weird.  In honor of my birthday, here are a few things I'm loving right now, just for fun! ;) The start of our family … [Read more...]


 I've been working on another sew along project...the first go-round was an utter failure-luckily an easy fix though. I'm not sure when I'll get that done. Would anyone even be interested in doing that before the holidays, or would after them be better? and speaking of sew alongs-check out this UBER cute Sadie shirt my BFF Cassy made-isn't it … [Read more...]

what we’ve been up to…

lots of dress up (hence the topless-ness of Sadie, she was in between costume changes) and crooked grinning.some baking in my new apron-bread, banana walnut muffins, tamale pie, and yummy shortbread toffee bars...not the prettiest dessert ever, but definitely tasty! (they're almost gone, so that's a good indicator) (er, and I may have eaten most of … [Read more...]