It’s a Jolly Holiday party!

Well, the Mary Poppins party has come and gone. It was a huge success, Sadie had a blast and the weather was perfect. We all had a Jolly Holiday indeed! Warning: this post is exceedingly long. Let's start out with the games we played! My long suffering hubby hauled these pavers and wood planks from our house and my sis and I created this … [Read more...]

sadie’s ice cream shoppe birthday

soo...this is what I got when I asked Sadie to show me how old she was. after a bit of coaching, she figured it out! tutorial for her dress found here. Sadie's (almost) two! Her birthday's not until next week, but we celebrated early cause my sister stole borrowed that day for her wedding. lol. love you Joanna. welcome to … [Read more...]

happy birthday mum.

happy birthday mom! sorry we left for disneyland on your birthday! we didn't mean to. to keep up the tradition of embarassing/funny pictures of my family members on their birthdays, here is the one i chose for my mom. it was taken on the top of st. paul's cathedral in london. (our whole family went for our violin group tour when i was a senior in … [Read more...]

happy birthday bum

yesterday was my brother jarom's birthday, and today i realized i hadn't done an embarassing picture of him yet. and, since i've had this picture picked out since i started doing this, i couldn't NOT post it. sorry bum. wow, betcha didn't know how good he looked in blond, eh, stephanie? hehe. anyways, happy birthday bro. please don't hate me too … [Read more...]

party pics

my uncle scott, who is a photographer and artist (website here), stopped by the party for a bit, and took some awesome pictures for me! i wish he could follow me around and photograph my life. i am camera hungry now. rory, can i have a new camera? what? we just bought an elliptical? oh yeah. hmm. what can i sell? anyways, on to the photos! most … [Read more...]

photo booth

i found this super creative idea here, and although we had some hiccups, like a broken lamp and such, it still was fun! i don't think i'll try it again anytime soon. lol. … [Read more...]

sadie’s minnie party

well, strap yourselves in. lots of pictures ahead. i told you, i'm a sucker for details. sadie's party went great! it was a lot of fun for us, and i think she enjoyed having all her favorite people in one place! who wouldn't? we go: him again i made these little minnie and mickey ears for people to wear with pipe cleaners, felt, a … [Read more...]

winner! oh and happy birthday to sadie.

kamille is our winner! sadie selected the winner personally this time, i only thought it fair since it was her birthday giveaway. :) happy birthday to sadie! that will be another post when i have time. i gotta go back a cake now. she's so grown up! agh. a look at her birth story here. … [Read more...]


Well, we successfully surprised Rory tonight! Can you tell? (notice the box of diapers in his hands.) giggle.I couldn't have done it without all of our friends and family...thanks to all who helped, especially Janae and Joanna, they did all the set up and decorating, while watching Sadie. I got to chill out at Red Robin with my hunny and come home … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Rory.

Ni-ice. Sorry Rory, but you know the rule now, embarassing pictures on your birthday are a must! Happy Birthday hun. Every year that goes by is more and more fun with you around. Thanks for all you do! Go buy yourself a video game or something! (Rory is soo easy to shop for) Pizza night tonight, don't be late!Rory's cupcakes for work...they kinda … [Read more...]