one of a kind artwork

Recently my good friend Katie’s husband did some portraits of the girls for me. Yeah he just whipped them up, no biggie. lol.

What talent! I sent him the pictures, and within a few days I had a picture of the finished product in my in-box. They both turned out gorgeous! I love the solid colored background, it adds a modern and clean touch. I of course, am displaying them in the kids rooms, and Sadie adores hers.

Charlotte makes her “baby” sound when she sees herself. (it goes something like this….points to the baby she sees….”EEEAAA EEAAA. ” yeah it’s much cuter when she does it.)

He has an Etsy shop, BryanLewisStudio, where he has custom listings available, for only $30. Seriously, that’s a steal.

 Below are the original pics.  Golly gee my kids are cute.


  1. Great artwork of your children! Thanks to share them with us!

  2. wow… amazing work. and $30 is a steal!

  3. Thanks for sharing, they are awesome. Golly gee is right, they are so adorable!

  4. How cute that the girls like their pictures! I’m totally flattered on Bryan’s behalf. 🙂

  5. this is absolutely stunning! unfortunately i don’t have any kids! or cousins! but i’ll keep his work in mind, for when i do!

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