my sister’s coral, grey, and yellow wedding

So, my second littlest sister got married a few weeks ago. eeshk! So happy for her and her new hubby. In unrelated news: I feel old. It was a family affair, capturing this wedding. My uncle was the main photographer, my dad did the videography, and I wandered around taking pics until they told me to move. Well, ok really I was in charge of … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween from a bunch of geeks!

Star Wars geeks, that is. Well, our family costume theme started when a friend lent me an Ewok costume, then it all kind of came together in the last week. Sadie LOVED being Princess Leia, and everyone seemed to recognize her easily, which she liked. We had our church trunk or treat (handing out candy from the back of cars in the parking lot, safe … [Read more...]


You know those vacations that you need a vacation from when you get home? This was one of those. The girls had their issues with sleeping and eating, but we still managed to have a lot of fun together! I'll spare you from the rundown, but here's a few of my favorite pics! This is the best shot I got of the two of them in their dresses. Yep, they … [Read more...]

my trip to fabric land (I mean Utah)

As some of you know, this past weekend I visited my sister and brother in Utah. I also visited lots of fabric stores! :D Giddy face! Including Hobby Lobby! This is my stack from the cut counter, I had to pare it down a lot too. lol. You can see the polka dots on the bottom...yeah I'm pretty much making the same dress Erin did here. hehe. The rest I … [Read more...]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope it was a great one. We  Sadie had a blast finding eggs at my parent's house (well, Charlotte included) and even was able to enjoy a quiet moment of reflection on the Savior's sacrifice for us during the day. I call that a great Easter.   My sister sewed her dress! cute no? I believe my mom helped her as well. Some of you may … [Read more...]

happy halloween from under the sea

Introducing: The Little Mermaid cast Sadie as Ariel, of course. The wig only lasted about an hour-but I was shocked it lasted that long! Rory as King Triton.. He looked fantastic! Very recognizable, (and handsome) I thought. He didn't like eating his wig half the time, but anyways...his was probably my favorite. Charlotte was … [Read more...]

some new pics!

While we were in Utah last week, we were able to meet up with my cousin Jenni (photographer extraordinaire-here's her website: Apple Green Photography-cute name, right?) for some updated family shots. All of us were in less than stellar moods, but somehow Jenni prevailed and whipped us into some sort of shape-and got the money shots! I mean, they … [Read more...]

Joanna’s wedding

My little sister is married! How weird, and Awesome! That's me on the left, and my sister Janae on the right. Joanna is obviously the one in the wedding dress, haha. Julia, my youngest sister, was on her way over for pictures. ;) Greeting her outside the temple. The Oakland temple, to be exact. here he is stealing a kiss. they're the … [Read more...]

joanna’s backyard bridal shower

My sister Joanna (who's getting married this weekend) loves herself a backyard BBQ, and she loves would marry my dad's brisket. So there really was only one theme I could think of that she would really enjoy for her bridal shower-BBQ/picnic! So here are some of the details, it was such a fabulous, fun night, and turned out exactly how I had … [Read more...]

i can’t wait….

  i can't get to know you and your personality. (check out the dimple!) i can't wait....for you to discover your hands...feet...toes. i can't wait....for the first time you can hold someone's hand on your own. i can't wait....for you two to become best friends and sister soul mates.  no pressure though. i can't wait....til you … [Read more...]