i can’t wait….

  i can’t wait….to get to know you and your personality. (check out the dimple!)
i can’t wait….for you to discover your hands…feet…toes.
i can’t wait….for the first time you can hold someone’s hand on your own.
i can’t wait….for you two to become best friends and sister soul mates. 
no pressure though.
i can’t wait….til you both are older and can drive each other crazy play together.
i can’t wait….for you to experience that sisterly tradition of staying up late and telling secrets
i can’t wait….for you to have what I have with my wonderful sisters.
say goodbye now, girls.


  1. Awwww. They are so cute.

  2. Oh they are so precious!! My girls are best buddies and do everything together, it’s so much fun! Love all the pictures of your beautiful little ones!

  3. They are so sweet together. I am waiting for those days with my little ones too.

  4. Just wait a couple more months when Charlotte starts to watch Sadie and you’ll see how much she loves her big sister already 🙂

  5. I want another girl so bad!! I have 3 brothers and would have killed for a sister. Not that I would exchange them in any way, lol! But I think that’s awesome!! The girls are adorable.

  6. Cutest thing I’ve seen all day! I love Charlotte’s little poses and expressions in the first two pictures.

  7. Your girls are sooooo adorable. And about the same age of my two girls. Well, if we lived close by I’d suggest a playdate. We’ll just have to be friendly from a distance. 🙂

  8. Your little girls are so very cute! They already look as if they have a great bond! I would really like another little girl but I’ll have to wait for now!


  9. Your girls are SO beautiful!! They must have some handsome lookin’ parents thats all I can say…

    haha! Really, Beautiful!

    Oh, and I love the flower girl dress! YAY!

    You make me want to sew! Even though my only experiance consists of me trying, breaking the needle, and my mom taking over… hmm

    <3 Laura

  10. such a sweet post. I am the oldest of 4 girls and I loved having all my sisters we were very close, (and drove eachother crazy, still do sometimes although we are all grown now) Now I have 3 boys (no girls) and I guess it will be fun for them too but different, way different. I love your blog, thanks for sharing…

  11. They are so adorable. I remember those days with our girls. Now they are 16 and 18. My how quickly time goes.

  12. I am thankful EVERYDAY for my sister.
    Sadie and Charlotte are so sweet together.

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