purple striped tee

I did a little refashion the other week and it turned into this little square necked top! It’s made from a thrifted tee (I always forget to take a before pic, just imagine a really boxy tee and pretend I did), and I decided to play with the stripes a bit! Taking my cues from this fab tutorial…this tee was created.

The knit I was working with was kind of odd, so it doesn’t lay as nicely as I’d hoped, but oh well. It’s also a bit big on her…Sadie is in the awkward in between sizes stage.

My favorite part is the back yokey thing. It was a total accident. I cut out both shirt pieces with the front neckline. Whoops! Too low for the back. So I cut out a piece to fit, with stripes going the other way for fun, and serged it in. It worked great and I love all the stripes going every which way! It’s a big dizzying, but in a good way? Eh, I like it.

Oh yeah and then I added a little fabric flower on front. Just chopped off the bottom of an old tee, gathered the raw edge, and sewed it into a circle flower. Easy peasy! Have you refashioned anything lately?


  1. holaaa!!!! me encata tu blog he aprendido mucho en él, tengo una niña de un añito y le hago cositas igual que tu, tus niñas son preciosas y encantadoras, enhorabuena por tu proxima maternidad, por tus niñas, por tu blog, muchas gracias por todo lo que compartes. un besito y te seguire escribiendo desde españa.

  2. Very smart! It makes me wanna run to the striped-knit-department of my fabricstore….

  3. Very cute model with a beautiful tee.

  4. I love that back yoke!!! I think square necklines may be some of my favorite to play around with, I need to start playing around more with stripes – there is just so much you can do with them!

  5. The back yoke is too fun!! It’s awesome that the shirt will fit her for longer too. 🙂 Ansley’s in the middle of a growth spurt and stuff that I’ve made in the last few weeks is already too small. Guess I should’ve waited. 🙂

  6. Cuuute! That accidental back yoke is a great touch. =) I love all the play of the stripes.

  7. Super cute, I might have to fashion a dress like this!! I just finished a small clutch from a very expensive bridesmaids dress. Long story short, my cousin was in a wedding and the seamstress totally botched the alterations and the dress was beyond repair. I finally found the right pattern and finished today 🙂

  8. I just have to tell you that, when I look at your blog posts and see your adorable little girls, I can’t help but smile! Thanks for brightening my days!

  9. Oh man, my “to upcycle” pile is getting out of hand–time to work some magic! Thanks for the inspiration! My most recent repurpose was this top out of some old curtains…

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