KCW: upcycled navy dot dress

kids clothes week upcycled navy dot dress

KIDS CLOTHES WEEK is here y’all! I am psyched for this one because the theme is upcycle!

I used to do this so much, when I didn’t have much of a fabric budget but I wanted to sew ALL the things.

We have pretty good thrifting around here so I’d hit up the t-shirt/skirt sections and buy them when they were half off.

You can see some of my refashions here!

kids clothes week upcycled navy dot dress

So to prep for KCW I headed to my thrift store in search of cute items of clothing…in decent shape please! I found a bunch and I’m so excited for my plans for them!

the first thing I made was this little knit/woven dress for the Sadester. I found this nubby cream sweater and cut it apart to make the top (using my Nessie pattern for the bodice, cutting it short a few inches below the arm scye)

used the sweater’s existing sleeve hem to cut them out (part of the reason why I LOVE refashioning…no hemming! *sometimes)

kids clothes week upcycled navy dot dress

The sweater did stretch A LOT so where I joined the skirt to it is a little wobbly, but I pressed it as best I could and hoped it would come out in the wash.


the skirt is so lightweight and airy-Sadie loved twirling in it!

It’s kind of a semi circle skirt, so I just measured her, chopped it across, and then gathered it to fit the bodice.

(make sure to sew with a zig zag stitch or serger so that there will be wiggle room while getting dressed!)

kids clothes week upcycled navy dot dress

anywho! round one went well! More to come…

before and after!

kids clothes week upcycled navy dot dress before and after

kids clothes week upcycled navy dot dress


  1. Adorable! I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. adorable!!

  3. very cute, that skirt looks so fun and twirly! and oh man is sadie looking grown up lately or what?? ack.

  4. I love the mixture of the two different fabrics, they go so well together. You have inspired me, been rustling through my wardrobe wondering what I can upcycle for my daughter:)

  5. That’s darling! I love how swingy the skirt looks. Have you ever tried stabilizing a waistline like that with clear elastic?

  6. This looks great and nice to see colours other than the much loved pink on girls!

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