KCWC: teal bow leggings

I whipped up another pair of leggings using a thrifted sweater for the baby...and they ended up fitting Charlotte. haha....I have sizing issues sometimes, can you tell? Nobody's perfect. Anyways...I added some quick little bows at the ankles for a touch of cuteness. I love adding little details like that...I just have to remember to do it. ;) I … [Read more...]

yellow and coral knit top

I just cannot stop myself. I am in deep with coral and yellow (add some mint or teal and it's all over). I thrifted a big yellow and white striped shirt to refashion for one of the girls, and Sadie needs shirts more than Charlotte right now, so she got it. (you should see C's drawers, they barely close!) She's been growing into all of Sadie's old … [Read more...]

KCWC-little tie top

So I made this #fast and #easy (Can I tell you a secret? I may or may not know what the whole hashtag thing is all about....heavy on the may not) little top for Sadie from a thrifted tee. I love using those-it's already hemmed so it makes it so fast to refashion into a new top. I added a little tie at the collar-it turned out pretty cute I think! … [Read more...]

the Nora dress

OK so I lamed out and couldn't think of a "name" for Sadie's Easter dress, but Charlotte-well I just went with her middle name. Easy peasy. See below for the tutorial!You'll need:1-2 yards fabric (depending on the size of course)threadbuttons So first off I drew a basic bodice pattern by tracing a tee folded in half. Then I drew a square neck and … [Read more...]

ruffled wrap dress tutorial

This dress is definitely a mash up of a few tutorials-my Rachel wrap shirt tutorial , the Ric Rac dress tutorial, plus the skirt from the Shabby Apple knock off dress. So I've combined them all (mostly) into one big happy family. (not that they're mostly happy, just most of it's here in this post...I will refer you to another tute one or … [Read more...]

shirts, redux (plus a chat!)

Sooo. I made this top for Charlotte the other day out of a thrifted tee. (see below for before pic)I added three little rufflies down the front. This is the boringest post ever so far. (except for C's cute mug)Let's see if Charlotte can spice it up! Pouty face. Pose girlfriend! What? You wannuh piece of me?Nope, didn't really work. Oh well. You win … [Read more...]

embellished cardigan tutorial

  Another project made so much easier with my Go! Baby cutter. Love this thing, seriously. This project couldn't have been simpler, too. I thrifted this really nice silk cardigan and shell awhile ago. I am not really the "shell" wearing type, so I knew I would cut it up to become ruffles or embellishments for the cardi. Then, of course, I … [Read more...]

pink posy dress

So Sadie has seen this dress hanging up on my craft room wall for awhile. It was supposed to be for Charlotte, and I was being lazy on the taking-pictures-part of blogging. So I (finally) go to try the dress on C, and it's HUGE on her. Both Sadie and I bust out laughing, as does Charlotte, and then Sadie says,"Is that for me now Mommy?" Sure thing, … [Read more...]

some slight alterations

Do you remember this dress I thrifted earlier this month? It was too big for me, but I recently altered it a little to fit me better. (and a belt works wonders....also thrifted) I really liked the polka dot fabric and neckline ruffly bit, so I brought it home with me. (and for $3, even if it was a FAIL it's still cheap fabric that could become a … [Read more...]

tee shirts to dress refashion

I made this dress months ago, but somehow never took any pictures of it. I found some cute printed tees at my thrift store, so I cut off the bottom of a white tee, cut strips of the tee shirts, gathered them if needed, and sewed them into a quick dress. I used the existing hem of a tee for the bottom so it was a really easy refashion! Comfy and … [Read more...]