KCW: upcycled lace tee

upcycled lace tee

I think this little top might just be my favorite thing of late.

Perfect shade of coral? check.

lace? check.

looks adorable on my mini human? check.

upcycled lace tee

See the before down at the bottom, but I scored this adorable knit tee whilst thrifting-the front had a lace overlay which I LOVED.

I debated back and forth with what to make with it-it almost became a raglan tee with contrasting sleeves, but I ended up keeping it simple.

I must be on a simplicity kick, because that’s what I’m craving lately!

upcycled lace tee

So I used my Nessie top pattern for the bodice, chopping it off a few inches below the arm scye, but first I chopped the skirt part apart from the top of the shirt-I left the “skirt” totally intact, and then gathered it to fit the bodice once that was assembled.

I knew I had to make it for Avie since the sleeves on the original shirt were BARELY cap sleeves. I had just enough!

upcycled lace tee

You can see the back and front contrast here-love it!

upcycled lace tee

this girl and her faces. sigh!

upcycled lace tee

before and after!

upcycled lace tee-before and after!


  1. Super cute, I love it!

  2. Love this! Perfect shade of coral!

  3. Super cute!

  4. Simple but very effective. Way to go!

  5. Well, this is the cutest!!! It’s such a pretty color on her.

  6. That is darling! That lace is perfect.

  7. And this is why I need to learn to sew!! Great job!

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