topped with a bow tee

This latest tee for Miss C was a refashion-I spotted this top at the thrift store on 50% off day, and it hopped right into my hands. By itself. Ok…maybe not, but as soon as I saw those coral and grey stripes, I knew it was meant to be. I always forget to take a before pic, but picture it as a boxy, shapeless tee. But with a cute pattern and in great shape.

So I chopped off the bottom half, used a self drafted pattern for the top, cut out some sleeves, gathered the bottom to fit the bodice, and sewed it all together. I unpicked and re-used the original binding for the collar, too. I sewed it on with a double needle and it worked fabulously! I can’t wait to try that again.  The gathers were a little funky since I sewed it together with my serger, but it’s wearable, so….I’m done. I made a quick little bow and hand sewed it to the neckline to add a little something!


Definitely one of my favorite refashions ever! See more refashions here!

Speaking of sewing…it might slow down here a little bit in the case of sewing clothing…since most of my creative energy is being poured into the Project Run and Play All-stars season! I can’t tell you how excited I am for this season! Ok I will…I am super duper freaking excited!

 If you’re on Instagram, we’ll all be posting little teasers, etc under the hashtag #prapallstars. Check it out! (follow me under craftinessisnotoptional)

Oh, and the winners of the Petit Kids pattern giveaway are…..Jacinta…..Tiffany……and Leeann Carpenter.

The winners of the $5 craft it forward Michaels gift cards are…. Kristie….Dorothy Girl….Michaela….Deahna….and Greendoodle. Congrats ladies!


  1. ow…

  2. Lovely top! But it’s the pig tails and those cheeks that I find just sooo cute!

  3. Too cute! 🙂

  4. Such a perfectly awesome refashion!!! Those colors are great. And I love reusing neck bindings whenever possible! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for All Stars!

  5. She’s so adorable! I love the clothes you make for your children and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for PRAP 🙂 xx

  6. I absolutely love it! It’s my favorite top that you’ve made. Those colors together are just [email protected]

  7. This may be one of my favorite ones so far!

  8. Oh my gosh! She is just adorable. Oh wait…….you were showing us that top you cleverly made. That is super cute. LOVE that little bow and the gathers on it.

  9. I get your blog through email and I never leave a comment…but I have to say your girls are adorable! =) and the clothes you make are really cute too. Wish I had that talent

  10. Absolutely adorable!! Great job!

  11. What an adorable top. And what an adorable girl. So cute.

  12. Oh my goodness those cheeks, so cute! And the shirt is cute too!

  13. She is adorable! And her shirt is really cute.

  14. This is absolutely adorable! My daughter has a top with a similar shape and I love it and have been telling myself I just need to figure out how to make one like it. Thanks for giving me the push! So stinkin’ cute! And that little bow is perfect!

  15. I LOVE her hair! She looks like a little doll! And cute tee too mom!

  16. JESS – how can I even bother to see the shirt when your adorable daughter is modeling it? I swear she kills me every time!!! Love those dimples!!!

    And I guess the shirt is kinda awesome too.

  17. she is just absolutely adorable. her facial expressions are so cute. oh and her top is too sweet. you did a fantstic job on it.

  18. love this, it turned out darling. And really every time I see this girl I just want to kiss her cheeks!

  19. how is it possible that she keeps getting cuter?! INCONCEIVABLE!!!

  20. so sweet. suits her very well. such a cute mouse

    love greetings

  21. This is the cutest refashion ever! I love it! And Little Miss C is the cutest, too! She is getting to be such a little girl.

  22. That is SO cute! I love the little bow.

  23. This is an absolutely adorable top! I can sew anything with a pattern, and even use a bodice from this pattern and sleeves from another just wish I could refashion. Great job, and your daughter is so stinkin cute!

  24. She’s so cute! I check out your blog every day to see what did you sew for the girls, I sew for mine inspired by your dresses, thanks a lot Jess<3

  25. I love this – so adorable! Thanks for all your great inspiration 🙂

  26. I’m completely in LOVE with this top! You did such a great job with it and you make me want to get up and go make something for my little girl! I shared your top on my blog today as part of what I’m loving this week. I would love for you to come by and check it out sometime. Thanks for always being such an amazing inspiration!


  27. Your little girl is really so adorable. I love those cheeks and that hair!
    ps—Can’t wait for PRP!!!!!!!

  28. Your little girl is really so adorable. I love those cheeks and that hair!
    ps—Can’t wait for PRP!!!!!!!

  29. The pigtails and chubby cheeks, too much cuteness.

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