floral coral raglan tee

floral coral raglan tee \\ craftiness is not optional

I love raglan tees. Not only are the sleeves SO easy (straight lines? I got this), but they allow for some cute pattern mixing or color blocking.

And you know when a fabric combo just jumps out at you and you HAVE to sew it up right then and there?

Well that’s what happened here. I was actually saving this fabric to make myself a top someday, but the coral ended up near it and bam.

Before I knew it it was getting cut out for a Recess Raglan.


They will never appreciate that.

ha. ha.

where was I going with this?

floral coral raglan tee \\ craftiness is not optional

oh YES..


4T, easy peasy-added a little pocket. Made it for Charlotte initially but my kids are always at least a size behind.

This fit Sadie (6yrs) with room to grow.

She’s my teeny little thing!

floral coral raglan tee \\ craftiness is not optional

The coral fabric was actually the remnants of a skirt I hemmed for one of our sister missionaries, I kept it because the color was quite perfect, all by itself.

Then this navy floral (from this shop) happened. Ok, I need to get over this color combo.


Stop it with the caps, too Jess.

I just am so excited.

she is too! good thing, too.

Or else I’d be regretting the whole giving up the cute fabric thing.

floral coral raglan tee \\ craftiness is not optional


  1. Very cute! This pattern is my absolute fav tee pattern! Made a few and will make many more!

  2. love that shirt. and your writing always brings a smile to my face. thanks!

  3. stop! this is too cute. I’m never shopping for clothes again unless you come. lol

  4. What a cute little tshirt. Yes, those colors are wonderful.

  5. She’s adorable! Love the fabric combo. =)

  6. Agreed, stunningly cute!

  7. Nooo don’t get over this color combo! It drives me to click over and drool at your lovely makes! Coral is my favorite too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I mean, it’s not the only thing because everything you make is super cute, but I do really love the color combo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. love that color combo and love your enthusiasm:) so fun to read!

  9. Hi, Sadie here looks so grownup, I’m planning on making more raglan tees for my 6 year old too, and I just followed one of ur tuts and one a pair of raglan tees for my twins, and now i’m addicted to raglans! ๐Ÿ™‚
    great tuts and thanks a million for them! ๐Ÿ™‚

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