Crafty ladies

I should be going to sleep but I just cleaned my whole craft room, so why not stay up an extra ten minutes to blog? Tonight we had our first (of many, we hope) craft nights with the girls! It was so great to get together without the babies, (for those of us who have em) don't get us wrong, we love them to pieces, but it's nice to get some girl time … [Read more...]

Bonfante-Gilroy Gardens

Betcha didn't know we Gilroyans have our own theme park. Yep we are THAT cool. Today Aimee, Kim, and I packed up the kiddos, shoved three full size strollers, three carseats, and ourselves, into Kim's car, and headed off into the heat. And boy, it was HOT. We still managed to have some fun!Sadie had the most fun on the carousel. She loves those … [Read more...]

Tea, anyone?

A few pics from our tea party fun! We had one two years ago and planned to have one last summer, but we were too busy with the house and I was too busy growing Sadie. The fates collided and we were able to pull off a fun yummy tea party. I didn't get any pictures of the food, which is too bad, it was yummy! Do ya like my thrifted dress … [Read more...]

what’s with all this posting?

There's just too much fun stuff going on, that's all. Today my mom and the other twin moms in the ward threw a shower for our bishop's wife who's having twins but who's moving to Utah in a few weeks. Phew. That woman is a trooper with a capital T! We're going to miss Marcie so much! I work with her in Primary, and she is such a great friend and … [Read more...]

Sadie’s first swim

Sadie got her first taste of swimming today! (er, floating around with mommy's arms wrapped around her in a tight grip is more like it!) She was a little wary at first, plus it was kind of cold in the beginning, but she had so much fun splashing and kicking once she got used to it.All the kiddos went in! What a bunch of cuties. Cassy was taking the … [Read more...]

Nothing’s worrying me…

Raindrops keep falling on my head....actually they did today. Good thing it was an I-don't-care-what-my-hair-looks-like day. I have those pretty much all the time these days. When you have a baby, all non-essential grooming is left by the wayside.It was rainy today, if you couldn't guess already. We need the rain, but by golly, it's MAY. I wanted … [Read more...]

Stan and the Zinns

Hello. This is Stan. He went to live with the Zinn family this past Sunday. Who are the Zinns, you say? Dixie Zinn was my Mia Maid instructor/advisor (?) for me when I was in Young Women. She was an awesome leader, and a wonderful friend to me. She listened to me, laughed with me, and is a great example of a mother and wife. I remember calling her … [Read more...]

Old friends, new friends

Today our friends Mike and Candice Baird (from our youthful days in Utah) stop by while they were in the area visiting his brother. (Yeah right, we know you guys came out here to see us.) We've been friends ever since an air hockey game brought us together...way back when...truthfully, we almost bailed before we met you guys that night, glad we … [Read more...]

New Years Eve 08 baby!

Happy New Year! We had a blast last night with the Watsons celebrating New Years Eve! To start the night off Chris made some awesome Strawberry Daquiris. (virgin of course)Those made us lightweights a little tipsy. haha. We had a ton of snacky type foods and ate a LOT. It was yummy! We put the kiddos to sleep and got to the real fun! Rock … [Read more...]

Christmas in the Park

Today Cassy and I packed up the kiddos and headed to downtown San Jose for Christmas in the Park. I had never been, so Cassy explained that basically they put up a BUNCH of trees and various community groups and school classes and etc decorate them. Anyways...we took the light rail train downtown...I haven't done that for awhile! Sadie's first … [Read more...]